Addictive Philosophy play Punks Against Cancer

Addictive pHilosopHy are an audio federation not afraid to combine their influences and shout about it. The clatteringly boisterous Supernatural Race Fiend single was released in April. Following on from their debut album Studio, the band are currently busy recording a 2nd album and playing live around the UK.

The band are play the following charity gig in July…

Fri 14th July 2017
Punks Against Cancer 5, The Hairy Dog, Derby, DE1 1HT

Their style ranges from mellow rocksteady to full throttle thrash, but mainly levelling out in the Ska/Punk area – think Rancid, Specials, Inner Terrestrials and Crass. They like tea, toast and toilet humour. Oh, and saving the world in 8 easy steps…you know, the usual.