Seether : Poison The Parish

After being one of the main faces of mainstream rock a decade or so ago, Seether have admittedly slowed ebbed away from CackBlabbath’s consciousness in more recent times.

Although not quite in the same league, Seether were the sort of band that invited the same sort of sneer from most metal heads as when you mention the likes of Nickelback. Their material seemed to be directly aimed at alt-rock radio and TV for much of their career.

Freed up from labels steering them towards Kerrang TV and under pretty much their own direction, ‘Poison The Parish’ immediately announces itself as a darker and more aggressive album. Which is a nice surprise… we weren’t holding up too much hope for this one!

But, it turns out it’s pretty damn decent. ‘Poison The Parish’ retains that Seether bounce but things are a little more twisted and claustrophobic on this outing.

‘Let You Down’ has received quite a bit of attention on the internet due to it sharing a riff with a certain Tool song, but it sure makes for a great Seether song nonetheless. A little more dirge in the mix, a little rougher around the edges and a little less tongue-in-cheek than we’re used to; this all sounds like something we can get behind here at CB.

Opener ‘Stoke The Fire’ is infinitely more atmospheric than you would expect and the opening three tracks all pack some serious punch in the heaviness department. Of course, there are still slow-burners like ‘I’ll Survive’ and the ballad ‘Against the Wall’ but things are a little less sugary than in the past.

‘Nothing Left’ has a moody rapid-fire riff before Shaun explode into a roar that Mad Davey Draiman would be proud of but the second half the album is, on the whole, a little more subdued than the rip-snorting first half.

So, who’d have thought… Seether have come back a little heavier and little more edgy than we would ever expect. They have a few tacks on here that genuinely has CB jumping around with the air guitar but there’s plenty still there for the long-term Seether fan.