CackBlabbath.Rocks’ Summer Of Riffs.

Finally, after a 10 month wait, the summer festival season is almost upon us. This year TeamCb will be hitting the usual UK suspects, as well as our annual trip across the English Channel to the best of the lot, Hellfest Open Air in sunny France.

There are going to be a LOAD of great bands, a load of miles driven, a load pf photos taken and possibly a moderate quantity of alcohol consumed. So come with us on a quick blast, in no particular order, round the things we’re most looking forward to in the next couple of months.

It’s always great to see a band you love get a shot at the big time. We were stoked to see The Treatment announced as a headliner for Scotland’s own Wildfire Festival, and how could they top that for us? Well how about nabbing themselves a slot on the main stage at Hellfest? We’ll make sure we’re down front and centre for this one and we just know that French lot are going to love them.

The last three times we’ve seen Rob Zombie it’s been a bit varied, quality wise. He was brilliant at Bloodstock, and much less brilliant when we caught him at Hellfest and Download. Here’s hoping at Hellfest he evens the score with a performance to top even his stunning Bloodstock slot. We’re getting the full Americak stage show and production too, so this could be brilliant.. it had better be brilliant !!

If Rob Zombie has been a bit hit and miss in the past, Wednesday 13 is never anything short of brilliant. We’re more accustomed to seeing him playing dingy clubs in the UK, so the chance to catch him rocking out to what is going to be a packed tent is not to be missed. He’s up against Biffy Clyro on the main stage and knowing how the Scots divide opinion among rock fans, it’s sure to be packed to.. and probably far beyond.. capacity.

Sometimes festival announcements are universally welcomed, and others, erm, to out it mildly divide opinion (some people are never f’kin happy)’ Ghost at Bloodstock are another of our must sees. To be honest we had Sabaton pencilled in as the third BOA headliner, but it’s hard to fault Papa Emeritus III and his (now elemental) Ghouls bringing down the curtain on the Saturday night.

Another band we’ve seen a load of late, they must have played every big festival in the UK now, Orange Goblin are another we won’t be missing. It’ll be strange to see them on the huge stage at Download but if anyone can fill the void it’s Ben..

Couple of American crossover bands we’re looking forward to as well, different festivals, different generations but the same infectious attitude. Municipal Waste will be bringing their love for Donald Trump to  Bloodstock and getting the circle pits whirling at Catton Hall, but we’re even more excited about a long overdue reacquaintance with the legendary Suicidal Tendencies in the French (crosses fingers) sunshine at Hellfest. You’d have to be crazy to miss that one, and I’m not crazy…

Yay, Sabaton are on the festival circuit this year. If we could only see them once, we’d have to pick Hellfest purely for the insane response that the band have received every other time we’ve seen them there.. even if it was 1am and they had to follow Iron Maiden’s unforgettable headline set. Those French types know how to have a party, and Sabaton know how to get a place bouncing.

Of course on a personal note I have to say, I can’t bloody wait to see Dakesis on the New Blood stage at Bloodstock. Pretty sure it’ll be the first time the band have been mostly sober (we hope) on a Saturday at the UK’s best metalfest.

Wings Of Steel at the ready..

And there you have it, a very quick guide to some of the things we’re most looking forward to. There’s nothing quite like the Summer festival season, and no feeling quite like the one you get at the first glimpse of the massive metal Les Paul that marks the gateway to Hellfest.

Wherever you’re going, have a blast.