Zippo has unified live music fans for decades, empowering punters to show music legends they want more by raising their lighters high. This June, rock on with Zippo at the world’s premier rock and metal event: Download Festival. The iconic brand will pay tribute to live music with the unmissable Zippo Encore Area and limited edition Download Festival memorabilia.

This year’s Download Festival will see some of the biggest names in music take to the stage, including headliners System of a Down, Biffy Clyro and Aerosmith. This incredible rock and metal line up will unleash a stream of legendary performances and ensuing encores. Celebrating its rich heritage in music, Zippo is set to wow festival attendees with a range of on-site activities including the Zippo Encore stage, which will host some of the festival’s biggest bands including Sum 41, Slayer, Rob Zombie and Good Charlotte.

The historic encore moment, considered by music mavens as the ultimate fan salute, dates back many decades. During this time the classic Zippo lighter has become a celebrated piece of musical iconography. From starring on Lynyrd Skynrd’s Turn It Up album cover to filling in for Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd’s lost guitar pick, the iconic windproof lighter has cemented itself in rock music history.

Head to the Zippo Encore Area to celebrate all things live music, check out the extensive product range and grab a limited edition Download Festival Zippo windproof lighter. Since the first sea of flames was sparked by passionate fans, Zippo lighters have become the ultimate accessory for making a bold statement in music.

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