Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses Final : Leicester

Last year we went along to Uprising Festival, not really knowing what to expect. Obviously we’d see the Metal 2 The Masses Leicester final and the rest of the bands on the bill but M2TM’s gigs are usually in dark and dingy back rooms, they can’t be doing it all in the main room of De Montford Hall can they? Well, they were and Uprising was a brilliant day out for CackBlabbath and exceeded pretty much all of our expectations. So we rebooked out hotel last May and marked Uprising 2017 firmly in the must-see festivals column.

Despite a great line-up for the whole festival again this year, once again it is the M2TM final that is most intriguing for CB. Some of the bands here today, admittedly, we’ve not really seen before; and some of the contestants we’ve had a bit more experience of. But, it doesn’t matter what we think, it down to the judges to decide who goes to Bloodstock Festival this August.

Kicking off the all important competition is Fractions. Despite it being just 1 o’clock in the afternoon, the Uprising crowd did the M2TM bands proud again and showed up nice and early to watch all of the entries.

Fractions were a new band on us, but as the bearded crew arrived on stage and rip into their set, we immediately realise why a lot of folk were tipping them to go on and win the competition. They wallop us with some big riffs that chop and change with a tech-metal sort of vibe. Vocals are a classic mix up of big roars and some interspersed melodic vocals.

They move around the stage with confidence and whilst they may not be totally up CackBlabbath’s street, they make a strong case for taking the prize and we can totally see them fitting in on the New Blood Stage this summer.

Now, we have heard of Mörti Viventi and they are up next. We love a thrash orientated band and these guys blast out some full bodied thrash anthems this afternoon. ‘Hell On Earth’ and ‘Thrash Or Die’ sound massive up there on the big stage and we can’t help but have our first beer of the day as these guys hit their stride.

For all their powerful musical performance, they do look a little lost on the big stage. They aren’t the most mobile of bands as everyone sticks to their spot pretty religiously throughout their half hour slot. They are more intent on letting the music doing the talking than any choreography. Which overall makes their show look a little less thrilling than they sound. Regardless of that, of the two bands we’ve seen so far, Mörti Viventi has our vote.

Yep, we liked that. Time for another pint and a new Mörti Viventi patch for the battle jacket!

Blood Oath were damn unlucky not to win this competition last year, especially as two of the bands went through from last years final five. But, they are back for another crack at the big gig at Catton Hall.

No inflatable swords this year, apart from those brought along by a few fans in the crowd, but my god, Blood Oath mean business this time around. There is a real intensity in the performance from start to finish, and as much as these guys want to clown around and have a laugh. They don’t, they simply concentrate on putting on a great show.

There’s no denying there is a bit of fun about their brand of death metal which comes out a little when a punter throws some knickers on stage, but they have their serious faces on.

They manage to drag in more punters too, as Blood Oath clearly have the most crowd votes so far. The roars at the end of the set and the pits that erupt during the show are all a clear sign of who the Uprising crowd want to win. We think they might just be right too.

But we’ve not seen everyone yet! Two to go… but that is going to take some following.

Ubiquitous are up against it a bit. Following on from the mighty Blood Oath is difficult and there are a few less people in the crowd for this one. Also, Ubiquitous play a decidedly more bouncy, and dare we say it, more modern brand of death metal. Now, we’re not giving too much away by saying that Uprising Festival isn’t exactly full of teenagers this afternoon, so their target audience is a bit thinner on the ground than most.

Despite that, it’s down to the judges to decide who wins not the crowd so they put their all into the show as you would expect.

They have quite an eye-catching image, all blacked out from the neck down. It’s a bugger to photo though. The lead singer goes by the name of Baphomet (he looks more like a Chris or a Dave) and he stalks the stage from side to side and adds some real energy to the performance.

Once again, we have to admit that Ubiquitous aren’t really what floats our boat and despite a spirited performance, Blood Oath are looking on course to take the prize.

Last but not least, it’s My Legacy.

Frontman Kesh looks like a fresh faced Eddie Vedder, but My Legacy are an exciting bunch of local metalcore merchants and they are a bit more Parkway Drive than Pearl Jam. He traverses the stage with a youthful energy and delights us with a powerful roar and the whole band have a confident energy about them.

As they smash through their set, the headbangers return to the front and the band appear to have De Montford Hall moving once again. Another popular band with the Uprising Crowd and we liked them too. Definitely a band we’d like to check out again in the near future.

Our money is on Blood Oath however…

Come the big announcement time; the winners were announced and not surprisingly (to us anyway) Blood Oath were crowned Leicester’s Metal 2 The Masses champions and booked their place at Bloodstock Festival. The band looked just a little bit happy arriving on stage with a few members in tears and we’re sure they’ll do themselves proud on the big day.

Well done lads.