Something For Everyone : Check Out Amplified Festival 2017

The summer festival season is almost upon us, and along with the usual big names there are a number of fresh faced youngsters clamouring for your attention. One of the most interesting is definitely Amplified, which takes place the 21st to 23rd of July in a field somewhere in Gloucestershire.

Now festival announcements come and go, mostly with the same stalwarts of the UK circuit appearing up and down the land. The thing with Amplified is that it seems to have crept into our thoughts and picked a good chunk of the names that we would have in the lineup if we were playing “fantasy festivals”. It’s a veritble smorgasbord of our favourite riff merchants spread across 4 stages, and a festival where the clashfinder is going to be almost impossible to fill in as the need to be in two places at once will be strong…

If we were offered Acid Reign, Diamond Head and Evil Scarecrow as headliners we’d bite your arm off. Well Amplified has those three at the top of the bill… on the second stage. Yep. Amplified’s second stage has a better array of headliners than the main stage at many other festivals we could mention. In fact the whole second stage lineup is pretty stellar. Our old mates from Norther Ireland Trucker Diablo will be there, as will purveyors of tectonic sub-sounds Witch Tripper and the riff-tastic Massive Wagons. Chuck the likes of Fury and Scotland’s own Ramage Inc and it’s already heading into “unmissable” territory.

If that’s the second stage, then what can we expect from the main one. If you want three headliners that literally fit the “something for everything” bill then you’d be hard pushed to match American one-time chart botherers Puddle Of Mudd, bona fide guitar god Phil Campbell and his Bastard Sons and, totally out of the proverbial left field, Reef.

Yep, Reef, them with those songs from back in the day.

Of course the headliners are only half the story, the undercard contains some real gems. Austrailia’s finest export since Home And Away, Massive, will be bringing their stomping riffs and Brad’s dodgy taste in jackets to the Gloucestershire sunshine.

It’s just a line up that has a bit of everything, from relative newcomers to stalwarts of the UK scene such as The Amorettes, Bad Touch and  Reign Of Fury

Hell, even if the heavens open, you can always take cover in the beer thent and partake of the festival’s official Rum..

Yep, they have an official Rum. Whatever next? The chance to win a custom Harley Davidson??

Oh?? What?? They’ve got that too !!!