Boss Keloid Live at Uprising

We’re quickly learning here at CB that when you see Boss Keloid on a festival line-up, you bloody make sure you go and see them. Following stonking shows at Bloodstock and Hammerfest recently, we were more than pleased to see them over on the second stage at Uprising.

Boss Keloid live and in person are something else. We liked ‘Herb Your Enthusiasm’ when it came out, it got plenty of spins on the CB stereo; but we don’t mind admitting that it didn’t grab us by the goolies and say “GO OUT AND SEE THIS BAND!”

Once we’d seen them however, we were hooked.

Big epic jams like ‘Lung Mountain’ just come to life on stage. It’s all helped by Alex’s massive stage presence (that compliments his towering pipes of doom) all complete with a one man gurning contest. The whole band stand out, whether it’s loud shirts, red beards of just general balls out rocking, they put on a mighty fine show.

Even a few inevitable festival technical problems can’t slow their momentum as they have the second stage room bouncing along in the early evening.

Make sure you see this band live soon! That’s an order.