Wednesday 13 : Condolences

The king of DIY rock’n’roll has landed himself a proper record deal. By his own admission, Wednesday 13 has never courted much interest from major labels for his solo and side-project work despite being a major component of the Roadrunner aces, Murderdolls. Wednesday has been churning out albums and homemade merch under his own steam and seemed pretty content with being his own boss for quite a while.

Nuclear Blast Entertainment are quickly becoming the Roadrunner Records of the 2010’s however and they’ve snapped Wednesday 13 up for his major label debut.

Now, we’ll tread carefully here. We’ve always been a fan of Wednesday 13’s output, no question about that, but he has upped his game for the label debut. ‘Condolences’ is a little more focussed, a little more polished and surprisingly more heavy than the average Wednesday 13 release. Despite now being in his fourth decade on planet Earth, Wednesday 13 still spews bile like a demented teenager and he’s still more likely to write a song about blood bubbling out of your ears rather than third world hunger. This guy is growing old disgracefully and that is more than welcome from us here at CB.

‘Bloodsick’ is straight out of the classic Wednesday mould with it’s low-fi screechy intro and blood-soaked lyrics. ‘Cruel To You’ also comes out of that same school with romantic poetry such as “I just want to hurt you, beat you black and blue”. Ideal inspiration for your next wedding anniversary card.

On the other hand, you have songs like ‘You Breathe. I Kill’ which has a big rollicking riff that wouldn’t be out of place on your latest favourite metalcore record. Assuming you have a favourite metalcore record. Not everyone does…

‘Cadaverous’ has another churning riff and big old heavy metal guitar solo plonked in the middle of it and stands out as one of the more unexpected tracks on ‘Condolences’. It still has a familiar stomp about it. The title track is a rare Wednesday 13 epic. Nearly seven minutes of dark poetry and groovy doom-ridden balladry, which adds a little more depth and completeness to the album as a whole.

As is traditional with a Wednesday 13 album, there are f-bombs littered all over the shop. We’re as foul-mouthed as the man himself but it’s not one to take along to family day trips by the seaside with the kids. So, we’ll have to leave the little fuckers at home!

All in all, Wednesday 13 has taken his shock-rock/B-movie heritage and mixed it with a more slick big heavy metal style. For the first time in yonks, he’s making music videos to support his album and this weekend he’ll be bringing a big production show to Download Festival. Armed with a rich back catalogue and these fresh tracks, there’s one thing for sure… we won’t be watching Biffy-fucking-Clyro this Saturday night.