Barb Wire Dolls Live at Uprising


Barb Wire Dolls were a bit of a surprise addition to Uprising. Amongst the onslaught of doom and death metal, a blonde bombshell and her merry band of punks headline the second stage. Rock’n’rollers with a feisty attitude and energy that smashes off of the scale; Barb Wire Dolls are a bit of a breath of fresh air after a heavy old day of metal.

Not that we don’t like metal, of course! Variety is the spice of life. As long as it has loud guitars, obviously!

If there was any doubt that Barb Wire Dolls would go down well at Uprising, those go out the patio doors the instant that the band hit the stage. An unrelenting energy and in your face stage presence all add up to a smashing show and after a long day, Team CB knock back a pint and enjoy the show.