Maiden, Wikipedia and Album delays : Interview with The Raven Age Pt. 2

Here’s the second part of our chat with Mike ahead of the band’s date with destiny at Download Festival 2017. If you’re there, make sure you go check ’em out !!

CB : How does it feel gong back to reality after doing something like the Maiden tour, playing to 30,000.. 40,000 people?

MB : You know what, the amount of people doesn’t really seem to matter too much from my perspective, it’s more just the fact that all day every day you have somewhere to be or soemthing to do and then you get home and you suddenly don’t. When we’d got off tour with Anthrax I got home and honestly I sat on the sofa just talking to my mate for 12 hours, we just sat and I thought “it’s getting darker in here, the room looks weird, what’s going on?” and just realised I hadn’t had anything to do for tht amount of time and it’s just.. really nice but then you get a bit stir crazy and you just want to go and do it all again

Gluttons for punishment I think most of us.

CB : We first caught you guys at Download Paris last year, the Maiden connection but at that time we didn’t know there was the connection 

MB : Good !!

CB : But you went down a storm with the French crowd, and you weren’t what we expected.

MB : Perfect !!

CB : Now the French crowd liked you, and if they don’t you soon know about it. You play “metal” but it’s got a lot of other bits in it. I love this bit though, checking a band’s wikipedia page. the first thing on yours is..

MB : (laughs) It says metalcore..

CB : Yeah, have they listened to the album? Have they actually seen you live?

MB : I don’t know who did that but I think it is something we should really get on. I actually had a fan come up to me at one of the anthrax shows, I don’t think he was a fan of ours, but he came up afterwards and he was like “what is your band” and I said “Well, it’s a band”. He said “no, what music do you play?” and I said “We play music”. We may label ourselves as melodic metal which I think is a fair thing but when people come over and expect you to be a ceratin way or they expect to hear screams it can upset people so I think that Wikipedia is one thing that does need changing so people don’t get the wrong end of the stick before they come in. For us it’s just better if people just show up open minded.. this is the support band, I’m here for the main band, I’ll see what the support band does and then be like “wow, it’s great” or “no, it’s terrible”, but if they don’t like us thats fair, everyone is entitled to their poinion but if they do stay in touch, buy the stuff.. job done.

CB : The stuff being the new album thats just come out.

MB : Yep, finally

CB : This is an album that you guys already had in the can and then BMG stepped in and said “can we have it please”.

MB : We had it ready to go. We had it ready to go for ages. We made a few changes to the artwork here and there but it was kind of frustrating. The first thing that happened was we got the Maiden tour. If we were going to drop the album it was probably better to do that after that especially if we are going to do digital downloads and stuff so people can get it globally. I mean who’s going to have heard of us in Chile before the Maiden tour? Now if we looked at our charts we’d see we’ve probably had 60 downloads in Chile, awesome. that’s brilliant.

So we decided to do that first and then when we were in Luxembourg we actually did a live reveal on stage and got people to look at the screens and it played this teaser trailer that Matt had done and it was like “yeah, the album is coming out… at the end of December.”

Great, brilliant, finally it’s coming out at the end of December but then when we got back BMG had been in touch and they had this interest so we had to delay it again and we couldn’t even tell anyone why.

CB : It’s unusual for the label to come after you?

MB : Yeah, it was really cool. Spotify and various other places had quite a lot to do with that because the EP had just gone out and I was thinking “what’s wrong with these people, they’ve played the EP so many times”. We put up thsi silly stat thing on facebook that our EP on spotify, if you put end to end all the time it had been listened to, it was something like 15.2 years. That is a mind bending amount of time. It’s really positive and we’re so pleased that people have got behind it and like it as much as we do.

CB : I guess that’s also helps to have the Maiden social media connections?

MB : If we post something on our won wall that says “check out our album” people go “yeah it’s great” and we have got loads of fans who are getting involved which is brilliant but then if we post it on the maiden wall you get a lot of “nepotism”, “oh it’s just because of Steve blah blah blah” which is a little bit annoying but to be honest the positive outweighs the negative and it always will. So, for people who really want to go down that road and just laugh and say nepotism I just say, politely, I’m not sure what I’m allowed to say but it doesn’t really phase us.

CB : You’re doing it and they’re not.

MB: Exactly, I’ve just finished a tour with Anthrax, what are you doing right now ??

CB : So, just to wrap things up, obviously you’ve gone out there today and got a great reception, so what are your plans for the future?

You know what, we have a bit of a rest, we’re getting the festival run so hopefully we’ll be playing the big festivals. There’s a couple I know of we’re not allowed to say anything about and a couple that I am like Grasspop, we played that on the Maiden tour but this time we play the main stage which, for me, is like “wow”.

CB : Thanks for that. Hopefully see you in Leicestershire in the Summer.

(this was before the band were announced for Download… psychic or what)