CackBlabbath’s Top 5 Uprising 2017 Performances

Once again, we had a blast at Uprising Festival this year. We thought the first year might just have been a fluke, but no, this one is now nailed down in the gig calendar in the unmissable column! A great atmosphere, cracking weather, a friendly and spacious venue and… most important of all, a great selection of bands throughout the day.

Just like all those big magazines do; we’ve made a list! A Top 5 List of who impressed CackBlabbath the most on the day and here’s what we had to say about them:

  1. Blood Oath

Blood Oath were damn unlucky not to win the M2TM competition last year, especially as two of the bands went through from last years final five. But, they are back for another crack at the big gig at Catton Hall.

No inflatable swords this year, apart from those brought along by a few fans in the crowd, but my god, Blood Oath mean business this time around. There is a real intensity in the performance from start to finish, and as much as these guys want to clown around and have a laugh; they don’t, they simply concentrate on putting on a great show.

There’s no denying there is a bit of fun about their brand of death metal which comes out a little when a punter throws some knickers on stage, but they have their serious faces on.

They manage to drag in more punters too, as Blood Oath clearly have the most crowd votes so far. The roars at the end of the set and the pits that erupt during the show are all a clear sign of who the Uprising crowd want to win. We think they might just be right too

  1. Barb Wire Dolls

Barb Wire Dolls were a bit of a surprise addition to Uprising. Amongst the onslaught of doom and death metal, a blonde bombshell and her merry band of punks headline the second stage. Rock’n’rollers with a feisty attitude and energy that smashes off of the scale; Barb Wire Dolls are a bit of a breath of fresh air after a heavy old day of metal.

Not that we don’t like metal, of course! Variety is the spice of life. As long as it has loud guitars, obviously!

If there was any doubt that Barb Wire Dolls would go down well at Uprising, those go out the patio doors the instant that the band hit the stage. An unrelenting energy and in your face stage presence all add up to a smashing show and after a long day, Team CB knock back a pint and enjoy the show.

A really infectious band that we’ll be checking out again, for sure.


  1. Primordial

The Main Stage headliners had to be in here really, didn’t they?

Touching down from over the Irish Sea, Primordial are a huge visual spectacle to finish of the day. They’ve got some good tunes too, of course.

If CB had any sort of criticism of Uprising, it would be that it goes on a bit too late. Headliners coming on nearer to midnight than 9 o’clock mean it’s a long day and the crowd has thinned by the time these guys hit the main stage. It’s obviously a fine art and balance of getting all the tasty names on the bill and having time to actually let them play.

The crowd are encouraged to get down the front and the band and audience work together to create a bit of a mini venue down the front of the stage and things start to hit their stride. Primordial are a top signing for this year’s Uprising and never fail to put on a great show. Tonight is no different and they cook up a little black metal storm before we head off out into the windy city.

  1. Witchsorrow

There was a great selection of doom and stoner on show again this year at Uprising. The second stage line-up actually looked more attractive to us and our strange tastes in music. Topping our list of pre-festival must see bands was Witchsorrow.

Another band that didn’t disappoint on the day, Witchsorrow brought the doom to Leicester in style. Drenched in continuous red lights (to the joy of all the photographers) they conjure up a hellish atmosphere against the backdrop of lush the green fields we can all see out of the window.

A great addition to any festival, Witchsorrow have a no-frills quality doom that is just irresistible to stand around and have a good old headbang to.

We’re looking forward to the new album that is in the making too!

  1. Boss Keloid

Top of the shop could only be one band… We’re quickly learning here at CB that when you see Boss Keloid on a festival line-up, you bloody make sure you go and see them. Following stonking shows at Bloodstock and Hammerfest recently, we were more than pleased to see them over on the second stage at Uprising.

Boss Keloid live and in person are something else. We liked ‘Herb Your Enthusiasm’ when it came out, it got plenty of spins on the CB stereo; but we don’t mind admitting that it didn’t grab us by the goolies and say “GO OUT AND SEE THIS BAND!”

Once we’d seen them however, we were hooked.

Big epic jams like ‘Lung Mountain’ just come to life on stage. It’s all helped by Alex’s massive stage presence (that compliments his towering pipes of doom) all complete with a one man gurning contest. The whole band stand out, whether it’s loud shirts, red beards of just general balls out rocking, they put on a mighty fine show.

Even a few inevitable festival technical problems can’t slow their momentum as they have the second stage room bouncing along in the early evening.

Make sure you see this band live soon! That’s an order.



Uprising… See ya next year!


Photos by Rob CB and Simon Beynon.