Bloodstock 2017 Preview : Interview with Blood Oath

We went along to the Leicester Metal 2 The Masses Final last month with a pretty open mind, but secretly, at the back of our heads, we might just have wanted Blood Oath to win it. It was a tough old competition on the day but we think the Blood Oath guys were the worthy winners and they’ll be taking to the stage at Bloodstock this August for their just reward.

We had a little chat with Thrax from the band who, like us, can’t wait to get back to Catton Hall:

Well, firstly it has to be a big congratulations to you on winning the Leicester Metal 2 The Masses. It’s been a hard old slog for you… has it sunk in yet?

Thrax – Hi Rob. Thank you so much, yeah I think I can say it has slowly sunk in, I still however find myself grinning to myself now and again. Looking back over the last twelve month’s I don’t think it was a hard slog but it definitely was a challenge. Falling at the last fence, so to speak, at last years Metal to the Masses final was heartbreaking but it did give us the focus and determination to get back up and give it another shot.

I think we spotted a few tears of joy when the winners were announced. Here at CB we get giddy just attending Bloodstock, so to get to play at it must be HUGE?

– Haha. Yeah I agree with you there. Personally I’ve been attending Bloodstock for nine years and I’ve loved every year. It’s such a great festival, showcasing amazing bands big and small. To be part of that, even just for half an hour on the New Blood Stage feels incredible. I’m genuinely proud of my band mates for what we’ve achieved in a relatively short time. We’ve met some great friends and drinking partners through this competition. May it continue!

There were some great bands there on the day and indeed in the previous rounds. Did you dare dream that you could win it this year?

– Honestly, we tried hard not to. This year I definitely felt the competition was much stronger in all the heats compared to last year, and playing the final alongside great bands like Fractions, Morti Viventi, My Legacy and Ubiquitus, one would easily believe that history would repeat itself. This gave us the determination to go out there all guns blazing and hopefully stand out to the judges.

Uprising seems to be cemented into the festival calendar now. Do you think it’s just going to get bigger and bigger?

– Now that’s down to the organisers! Haha. I sincerely hope so, Leicester needs some life injected into its comotosed metal scene and to be fair Simon and Resinevents have had that thankless task for the last couple of years. Much to the detriment of his mental health and bank account I imagine!

Looking forward to Bloodstock again… do you know what day / time you are playing yet?

– At this moment, no. We’ll just be happy to play on the Monday morning whilst everyone is leaving! If Bloodstock is reading this, I’m joking of course! (Gulp)

You all seemed very focussed on the day in Leicester. Will you be on your best behaviour at Bloodstock or is this more of a celebration gig?

– A bit of both I think. On the day we were actually surprising good at behaving ourselves and staying sober. Afterwards is a different story, We might indulge in a white wine spritzer or two to celebrate the occasion!

Will you be making a weekend of it?

– Like every year, most of us had already bought VIP tickets for the weekend. So yeah, It’s gonna get messy!

Who else are you looking forward to seeing once you’ve laid waste to the Hobgoblin stage?

– Where do I start? Every year I go to Bloodstock with the intention of catching as many bands as possible and most years i fail, mainly thanks to beer. No doubt this year will be no different. Personally I’m looking forward to watching Scarab, Battle Beast, Inquisition, my friends in Wretched Soul (go check em out!) and Wintersun. Of course how could i not mention Amon Amarth on the main stage. A massive influence.

We’ve seen you at a few gigs over the last year or so, but we don’t know all that much about the band. Can you give us a little bitesize bio on Blood Oath?

– Sure! We’re Blood Oath! Hailing from sunny Leicestershire. We’ve only been going for about eighteen months now and after frequenting Bloodstock for many years, we formed purely to be, in our eyes, a Bloodstock band. We wanted part of it! Hence the name, haha. All of the guys in the band knew each other over the years from previous bands so we all knew what we are capable of.

And, we see you are working on your album. What it going to be like and when can we expect this?

– Hopefully by the time you read this it should be out! We originally went in the studio to record three or four tracks for an EP but we enjoyed our time at Initiate Audio and Media Studios (highly recommended) that we ended up going back in and recording a full album. It’s eight track of pure old school groovy death metal aggression. There’s influences from Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, Entombed, Amon Amarth, The Haunted and Celtic Frost. We are so chuffed with the recording. We can’t wait to write some more and go back in the studio and do it all again!

Cheers! See ya at Bloodstock!

– You sure will!

Thrax (vocals)