Municipal Waste : Slime and Punishment

It’s been five long years between Municipal Waste albums. Although we’ve had a few releases from Iron Reagan to tide us over, we’ve been waiting for this one to drop with very eager ears.

It’s not often Team CB all agree on much, really; but as we’ve been casting our eyes over the Bloodstock 2017 line-up, we all agree that Municipal Waste are one of the star attractions. Their mix of crunching crossover thrash and tongue in cheek attitude makes for a great soundtrack to any party, let alone the UK’s biggest heavy metal party of the year. So we’ll all be down the front to welcome them back this summer, but what can we expect from the new material…?

‘Slime and Punishment’ is exactly what you want and expect from Municipal Waste. The band seemed to have hit a mini flat spot with ‘The Fatal Feast’ last time out and while they still put on some killer shows, some time away and a renewed energy powered now by Nuclear Blast Records has done them good.

Frantic numbers like ‘Amateur Sketch’ blitz along at scorching pace whilst there’s always that little time change around every corner to enjoy a bit of crunch in the riffing. Municipal Waste haven’t strayed away far from their own blueprint, but we didn’t want them to, did we?

Absolutely not… rapid fire vocals, scorching riffs and it all clatters along like a drunken demolition derby.

We’re sucker for thrash here at CB, but Municipal Waste deal in more than just thrash, they do it all with added fun and a refreshing brain-dead attitude. A Municipal Waste LP or show is about forgetting your problems and having a party in the moshpit (or a dance around your living room). There’s plenty to get you dancing here…

‘Poison the Preacher’ is a typical angular song with that all important breather in the middle to take a power stance and headbang away. The brilliantly titled ‘Shrednecks’ is a relentless blast that is sure to go down a storm live

“We’re here to Shred them all!”

You want an instrumental, you got ‘Under the Waste Command’ to get your teeth into. Don’t worry, they haven’t gone all progressive on us; there is just 1:51 of it to enjoy! In typical ‘Waste style, none of the songs on ‘Slime and Punishment’ make it over the 3 minute mark. Which all adds to the wonderful urgency of the Municipal Waste experience.

The Bloodstock 2017 line-up is jammed with some great thrash bands, but none will be quite as fun as Municipal Waste. This album will give them even more ammunition to wow us with in August. The band are back on form and have plenty of  ‘Slime and Punishment’ to deliver.

Welcome back dudes, we can feel the beer pressure rising already!