The Devin Townsend Project Live at Hellfest Open Air 2017


What’s the weirdest introduction to a set you’ve ever heard ? Well there are a few candidates but Devin Townsend won the prize at Hellfest Open Air 2017. Near the start of the band’s MainStage appearance Heavy Devy asked “Are you ready for some awkward prog metal ?” and then promised us “By the end of the show you will be sucking it!!!”.

Right you are Devin…

DTP are always a highlight of any festival bill and in the afternoon Clisson sunshine they were nothing short of brilliant. Along with health and safety advice (stay hydrated) we were treated to the ultimate prog-metal party.

Rejoice indeed.

One of the joys of Devin is how gloriously un-seriously he takes everything. “Throughout the show I’m going to get you to do some cheesy shit” is the warning as the crowd are told to get their hands in the air, before being admonished with a “That was lukewarm. You don’t have to clap, it’s optional but if you do you get a special prize”.

Wonder what the prize was, and if we won.

Every festival had a moment that it kicks into life, the sort of moment that you know will stay with you. Well for Hellfest 2017 Devin gave us the first such moment.. the chugging opening riff getting thens of thousands of rabid metalheads bouncing as the whole place, literally, was swept up in the Poozer-ey onslaught.

After that we needed to go find a quiet corner to lie down.. pity it’s Hellfest and there’s no such thing as a quiet corner.