Igorrr Live at Hellfest Open Air 2017

In our pre-festival research one band that had proved. bit difficult to pin down was Igorrr, the description of the band seemed to change everywhere you looked. They’re French, they’re the brainchild of one Gautier Serre, to be honest we hadn’t paid them too much attention in the run up to the festival.

Our interest was first piqued when we headed past the Temple stage after shooting Crypt Sermon in the Altar. Now usually when a band is on one of these twin stages the other side is pretty empty, but not this time. The tent was pretty damn full and the air of expectation was such that we knew something interesting was in the offing.

That “something interesting” was Igorrr, and we joined the massive queue of photographers waiting to get into the pit, mainly to see what all the fuss was about. The band came on stage and all the lenses swung in the direction of singer Laure Le Prunenec who has that “obviously classically trained” operatic presence that captivated the denizens of the tent.

OK, so that’s what all the fuss is about, a young lady with an amazing voice ?

Well, yes and no.

The throng of photographers meant being stuck on the wrong side of the photo pit for Ms Le Purnec, but it did mean being in exactly the right spot for the bands snarling, growling alter-ego. The Mr Hyde to Laure’s Dr. Jekyll, the Beast to her Beauty, the Gherkin to her Big Mac (ok, ok, enough of those things).

One moment you’re taking photos across the pit of an operatic vocalist, the next you’re eye to eye with a mad, demonic presence which is both scary and breathtakingly cool at the same time. We’re not quite sure what Laurent Lunoir is like off stage, but he’s something f’king else as he prowls and menaces. Blue and white face paint, long hair and a whiff of cryptey dustiness, the whole effect can be described in three words…




We still don’t know a great deal more about Igorrr than we did before the gig, you want a setlist with some informed comment then look elsewhere because it was all a bit of a blur but we do know one thing.

They blew us away.

You always want your festivals to throw up the unforgettable. Well, Igorrr, Job done.