Powerwolf Live at Hellfest Open Air 2017

Now here in the cold, dark northern corner of TeamCB we’re lovers of all things Power Metal-ey which means that at Hellfest 2017 we were in for a treat. As if a bill that included Turisas, Sabaton and Tyr wasn’t enough there was the theatrical, over the top cherry on top of the cake in the form of prowling lupine Teutonic/Transylvanian beasts Powerwolf.

Down in the photo pit the scene was set. The Lupus intro tape ran out over a stage bedecked in its grey catacomb inspired finery. The band came on stage and opened up with Blessed And Possessed, with Attilla Dorn walking onto stage with the air of a dark messiah.

Blessed. And Possessed. Down in the pit I had to remember to stop singing along and actually take some bloody photos.

The atmosphere was incredible, caught between the colossal Hellfest speaker stacks and a crowd baying for blood the hairs on the back of the neck can’t help but stand up, it seems everyone here knows every word.

Army Of The Night keeps the monstrous sing along going as the obligatory French crowd surfers keep the pit crew busy and all too soon we’re kicked out of the pit and as Amen And Attack blasts out it’s time to find a spot in the mad throng and enjoy the rest of the set.

Now there are a couple of Powerwolf songs that we kind of suspected would go over well somewhere like this, and Armata Strigoi is one of them. Really we should have been heading off to see what was on the other stages but, well, bugger that. We’re not going anywhere.

The gloriously titled Resurrection By Erection turned up the heat, and I’m sure we saw something of a record as the same crowd surfer went over about 4 times in this one song. Sanctified By Dynamite provided no let up before, inevitably, Werewolves Of Armenia threatened to kick a hole in the sky.

Given how hot it was for us out front, I bet it was near unbearable for the band in their elaborate, and very warm looking, stage gear. Still, at least the makeup didn’t run.

We Drink Your Blood finished things off and as the band took a well earned bow there was one thought going through the collective minds of Team CB… Could anyone top that.. hell could even Sabaton top that.

We’d find out a bit later.