Ghoul Live at Hellfest Open Air 2017

Ahh Hellfest, good old Hellfest. Every year there’s one “new to us” band that blow our collective socks off. This year the “wow, did you see that” factor were delivered by the mysterious masked chaps in Ghoul.

Theatrical, that’d the word. During the course of their all too short set they were joined on stage by a fat, rant bloke, a dystopian fascist overlord, death’s big shark headed brother and Oderus’ long lost cousin. Of course we’re not there for a theatre show, so it’s just as well that Ghoul have an impressive range of crossover thrash anthems to get the early-ish morning French crowd bouncing.

The characters come on in between songs and do their thing. The nazi-esque goose stepping overlord was particularly cool, spouting Trump-esque rhetoric on a wall he’s had built.. the most beautiful wall.. that’s what he’s heard people are saying. The wall has a name too…

The Wall Of Death.

Now the Hellfest faithful don’t need much encouragement, but the sight of the crowd splitting down the middle like the parting of the Red Sea was something else, as the band let rip and the two sides came crashing together.

Unfortunately one of their demons got out of hand and wanted to destroy Hellfest, which obviously isn’t cool. After a short and violent instrumental didn’t scare the thing away it was down to another, bigger, monster to make things right.

If that all sounds a bit silly, then that’s because it was but who cares? We were bloody well singing Shred The Dead for the rest of the weekend and already had Ghoul down as one of the discoveries of the festival.