Bloodstock Festival Preview : Interview with Shrapnel

There’s little over a month to go until Bloodstock Festival. The 2017 edition has a great selection of thrash for us to sink our teeth into across all stages. One name we were very happy to see appear on the poster was Shrapnel. Things in the Shrapnel camp are heating up as they prepare to release their new album.

We caught up with Jae from the band in advance of their return to Catton Hall…

Thanks for talking to CB. It’s been a while since we last saw you (probably our fault, not yours) but we’re happy to see you’ve just been announced for BLOODSTOCK! Must be one that you are looking forward to??

Anytime, thanks for dropping us a line. We’ve been pretty busy behind the scenes so we are probably to blame there! Now the record is set for release we can get excited about booking some shows and playing as much as possible!

There are some Thrashtastic bands on the bill this year, including yourselves obviously. Who is top of your must see lists once you have laid waste to the SOPHIE stage?

It’s a thrashers paradise this year! Really looking forward to seeing Municipal Waste as I haven’t seen those guys in a long time and I’m loving the new record. The new Obituary album has also been on heavy rotation so I’m looking forward to seeing some of that live. Megadeth, Kreator, Testament, Annihilator, Possessed, yeah, exciting. Our good friends in Eradikator and Wretched Soul are both playing and I’m really looking forward to catching them on a bigger stage too.

Will you all be making a weekend of it?

Of course! It’s usually a great weekend for catching up with friends from around the country and further afield so we will for sure be making the most of the whole weekend. I’m a huge Megadeth fan and love the new album and think the line-up right now is stellar so I’m looking forward to seeing them close the show Sunday night, not that I’m wishing away the rest of the weekend. It’s going to be a blast!

You were also supporting the mighty Voivod recently, how did that go?

It was great. It was a bit of a tester show for the turn-out in sleepy Norwich and it was a successful show. It was great to play with a band that we have loved for so long and to see them play in our little hovel was amazing!

We’ve had a cheeky little pledge on your new album ‘Raised On Decay’. Will that be out by Bloodstock time?

I’d love for that to have happened but these things take time unfortunately. We are looking at releasing the record a few weeks after. A release date will be coming from the label very soon. It’s very much up to them and how it fits into a schedule. The pledge was a massive success and we are really excited to get it out, as quickly as possible!

We take it either way we’ll be treated to some new tracks at the show?

Absolutely! We have a few new tracks ready to go! I’m looking forward to seeing how people react to them for sure. We may have a little surprise planned during one of them too which I’m really looking forward to.

We’ve heard some of the he teasers you have put up, but how would you describe the new album to someone who was familiar with your previous output?

It’s just better. There are heavier moments, faster moments and it’s got more to it. We really thought through the shreds and the vocals this time around and everything just sounds like we know what we are doing a little more than the last record. Russ Russell has done an amazing job on the production and engineering side of things and we are really happy with the way it came out.

Can we expect some dates from you later in the year to support ‘Raised on Decay’?

Definitely, now we are getting close to a release date being announced we can look at getting booked up and getting a new set ready for that. UK dates for sure, Europe as well hopefully. We were disappointed not to get over to the mainland with the last record and we want to make sure thats amended this time around.

You are veterans of Bloodstock now we think, if you had one survival tip for the weekend, what would it be?

In the past we’ve gone out with no aim for survival and survived! have as much fun as possible. It’s total escapism, its total chaos and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Bring your beer money and maybe a bog roll and your set.

And we imagine by the fourth time you appear, you’ll be on the Main Stage…

That’s the dream. After we played in 2010 for the first time on the new blood stage we had that main stage slot in our sights. That hasn’t faded. Bloodstock has been good to us and hopefully in the next few years we can come back with a bigger show for that main stage. This year we have a great slot on the Sophie stage and can’t wait to bring some new tunes with us.

Cheers, see you there!

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