Turisas Live at Hellfest Open Air 2017

During day one, we mentioned our “Big Four” for the weekend. Unsurprisingly they were all what may loosely be described as Power Metal and of those four Turisas were pretty near the top of the list. This isn’t just because they’re possibly one of the coolest bands to shoot (or so I am told) in their red and black battle paint and costumes, but because quite simply there is no one quite like them and there is nowhere else we’d ever be than front and centre for Finland’s finest!

The place erupts as the bands charge the stage and immediately sweep everyone up with To Holmgard And Beyond. Honestly, this is just mental. Pits, crowd surfers and general craziness as the red and black attack commenced. Are Turisas the ultimate party band? Impossible to say for sure but by god they’re close. “Great time?. Eternal hangover tomorrow!!” predicts Nygard, and he’s probably right.

We didn’t realise how full the tent was until the whole place started to bounce “This is a party song” we’re told, so we must dance and join in the madness. Actually the tent isn’t just full, like the last time we saw Turisas here it’s overflowing to the point that you can’t get into the Valley for fans watching this set on the big screen
outside the tent. Tonight Turisas hit the more folkey parts of their back catalogue hard, eschewing a greatest hits set for something a bit different.

Turisas inspire some pretty fanatical support, and the faithful had made the usual effort with drinking horns, leather and, of course, two-tone greasepaint that you know they’ll be wearing for the rest of the weekend.

It was already pretty warm before we started, but by the time we’d been jumping about like lunatics for the duration of this set we were well and truly broken. I mean actually broken. Are we complaining ? Not a bit of it !! Thank you Turisas that was a night to remember!

One of us did wonder, as a make up wearer, as to how they got it their face paint to stay put in this heat! Thats serious dedication!