Bloodstock Festival Preview : Interview with Infected Dead

Ahead of this year’s Bloodstock, we caught up with Kent’s MTTM regional winners Infected Dead and got the lowdown on their date with BOA destiny…

First off, congratulations on winning the Kent MTTM final, must be a highlight of the band’s story so far?

Thank you, it’s definitely a highlight. The final was only our 7th show together, so to win the competition so early on is amazing.

I guess MTTM is a big deal, not only because you’re competing with your peers, but also because of the rather awesome prize?

Yeah, obviously the prize and the opportunities that come with it are awesome and a really big deal, but I think the competition itself has become really important to the Kent scene. We’ve lost a lot of venues and bands over the past couple of years, so an event like MTTM and the opportunity to meet new people and grow your local fanbase makes a really big difference.

Did you think you’d win it? The standard is always pretty high and it’s a tough competition to get through.

We were confident going in, we’d been rehearsing like crazy for a long while but it didn’t go as smoothly as planned. The Kent heats were split between two venues, we ended up playing the furthest one from home and had a tough time competing against the home-town bands and their big local followings. In the end we only made the final as the Canterbury semi’s wildcard, so we’re over the moon to have come out on top.

Once you found out you’d won, how long did it take to sink in that you’re going to be playing the UK’s biggest metal festival?

We were totally floored when Simon announced the result, I think a couple of the lads are still struggling to process it now.

Nervous about it? There’s a lot riding on this, if you pull it off then it could propel the band to the next level… but if you don’t…

No, I wouldn’t say any of us are nervous really. Me and Alex (guitar) actually won the Kent MTTM with our previous band in 2013 and didn’t really make the most of the opportunity, so if anything we’re eager to get in there and really make an impact.

Given your hectic gig calendar I’m guessing things are a bit full on for the band at the moment. You all managing to get along without killing each other?

Yeah it’s been hectic and we’ve racked up quite a few miles in our first six months of gigging but we’re a pretty tight group. We took quite a while to get our full line-up together and I think we’ve ended up with the most tolerable bunch of humans you could ever hope to be stuck in a van with.

2017 has become a big year for the band. On top of the BOA appearance there’s the small matter of the debut EP release to look forward to?

Yeah definitely, we just entered the final stages of recording our first offering ‘Archaic Malevolence’ with the excellent Wynter Hereward Prior and its sounding totally monstrous. We’ve been working on it for a long time now and we cant wait to get it out and in peoples ears.

You say the EP is called Archaic Malevolence, bit of a Cthulhu reference?

Absolutely, I’m a huge fan of H.P Lovecraft and the eldritch mythos he created. All the tracks on the EP have a distinct Lovecraftian theme and draw heavily on his stories of the ‘deep ones’ as well as elements of the expanded universe created by other authors like August Derleth and Neil Gaiman.

Apart from Lovecraft and his ilk, where else do you draw your influences from? 

We’re big fans of modern death metal, Aborted and The Black Dahlia Murder are probably the main two, but we’re all into loads of different stuff. I think it’s given us a pretty unique sound and we’re going to try and build on that.

Back to BOA, When do you find out when your slot is? I guess you’ll be hoping to avoid any horrible clashes with some of the big names on the main stage?

We wont know what time we’re on until the end of July, at the minute all we know is we’re playing on Saturday. On the main stage we’re hoping to avoid clashing with Fallujah and Municipal Waste, but I think more than we’re hoping to avoid clashes with Eradikator and Abhorrent Decimation on the SOPHIE stage, we’ll be gutted to miss either of them so fingers crossed.

Are you the party hard type of band, or will it be all serious and focused, well at least until after you’ve played?

It’ll be a bit of both, party hard until Saturday morning, super focused for our set and back on it immediately after. Normally gigs are followed by a couple of hours in the car, so I reckon we’ll be making the most of it.

Sticking around all weekend?

Yeah we’ll all be there from Thursday night until the end, there are a tonne of bands that we’re really looking forward to checking out.

And who’s most likely to disappear and be found sleeping in a bush the next morning?.. Well it is the Bloodstock way!

I suspect Chris (guitar) or Nath (bass) but now that I’ve said that, it’ll probably be me.

Finally, your chance for a sales pitch. Given that there are three stages running, why should the BOA faithful come and check out Infected Dead?

You should definitely come, bear witness to our arcane rituals on the Saturday. We guarantee you just under half hour of neck-snapping, high-speed, balls-out modern death metal. It’s going to be fast, it’s going to be heavy, it’s going to be awesome.

To get yourselves in the mood for BOA, You can check out Infected Dead at the following places on t’internet…