BOA 2017 : Nikki’s top picks.

With the first of the big festivals over and done with for another year here at CBHQ we’re all set for our next adventure big adventure, the one and only Bloodstock Open Air Festival, in Catton Park in three weeks. This will be my third time and, I have to say, I have no complaints about the lineup at all. This year more than ever it’s nearly impossible to pick out 5 favourites from so many great bands so, in no particular order, heres a few that I’ll definitely be checking out.

I first heard about Battlebeast during a drunk conversation that took place at another festival. As a fan of Power Metal I have been assured that Battlebeast cover most bases. They’re pure heavy metal from Finland who get rave reviews snd tick all my musical taste boxes. I’m sure they’ll more than live up to the hype so on the Thursday night I’ll be (mostly) avoiding that Serpents Lair place with it’s copious supplies of alcohol and if anyone needs me I’ll be at the barrier for this.

I last caught thrash legends Testament on their tour with Amon Amarth at the tail end of last year. Now I know Amon Amarth may have been headlining, but for me Testament stole the show. Not something I saw coming… That was my first time seeing them and I said there and then it wouldn’t be the last. Gotta love a bit of chaos, and I don’t think I’ve seen so much carnage at a show, the place went a bit mental when Into The Pit was performed. Wonder if they will muster the same energy and vibe amongst the Bloodstock Crowd.

Silly question, course they will!

In the summer of 2017, Cackblabbath caught Ghost at two French festivals and both times I loved them. Back then Papa was suffering from a really nasty sore throat but fair play that guy has serious balls though and he powered through the pain. I’m hoping that this years summer slot under the scorching sun in the tropics of Derbyshire will soothe those vocal chords and allow Papa and his nameless ghouls to give it to us everything at full throttle. Ghost put on some show and when they were announced we were over the moon. Well played Bloodstock, this is going to be phenomenal.

For an instant party, be sure to catch Municipal waste. Again, I first caught them over in France last summer where they got the whole of Hellfest bouncing. Crossover thrash with attitude and,  if my memory serves me correctly, they were not too fond of a certain Donald bloke, or as he is now President Trump. Will be interesting to hear what they have to say now, as they dish out life lessons and advice from the stage. The pits will be open, the crowd surfers will flood the place and the pit security will be kept on their toes. If you’re getting down the front for this one you may want to wrap yourself in bubble wrap.

If easily offended just stay the fuck away from Municiapl Waste.

Right, nearly there…

My last pick is from the New Blood stage and it’s none other than our Brummie friends Dakesis. They appear to have been going from strength to strength over the past few years and they’re making a well earned return to the hallowed ground of Cotton Park. It’s a long way from playing tiny pubs and clubs and it’s great to see them playing at the jewel in the UK Festival calendar crown, Bloodstock!

Dakesis serve up power metal of a cheesy variety, and thats exactly why we like em. Expect air grabs, screaming guitar solos and songs about Wings Of Steel as Gemma & Co take it to the next level at BOA.

Yep, it’s safe to say Team CB are counting down the days ’til we get to party in the Serpents Lair and talk shite with the usual suspects. Bloodstock is more than a festival, it’s a a gathering of like minded people, people who appreciate metal in all it’s numerous forms devoid of most of that “scene” bullshit..

If you see us wandering around don’t be shy, come and say hi.

Oh, and mines a pint please.