The King Is Blind Album No. 2 Details

The King Is Blind, purveyors of Apocalyptic post-Grind, will deliver their masterpiece sophomore album We Are The Parasite, We Are The Cancer on Friday 13th October 2017 via their own label, Calva Records.

Following on from the critically acclaimed debut‘Our Father’ (Cacophonous), which was described as “a devastatingly potent and exciting heavy metal album” by METAL HAMMER“just a fucking incredible heavy metal record” by THAT’S NOT METAL PODCAST, and receiving of a prestigious KKKK from Kerrang!TKIB have taken their core of Monolithic (HEAVY) Metal, and upped the ante to deliver a pestilent, yet intricate, diverse and fully developed Extreme Metal album with crossover potential.

Of said opus, guitarist & riff-merchant Lee James Appleton decrees:

“I wanted the music to really move people physically and emotionally, and inject it with an overflowing of raw energy and power. We spent a lot of time experimenting with the core tones for the drums and guitars, but also meticulously digging into the concept of the record and locating and manipulating a variety of samples and atmospherics to act as a sixth member to give the material a much deeper, abstract dimension, in the same way that Pink Floyd might have done.

“We made a promise to each other to show no mercy on this album, take ourselves to the edge of our capabilities and stay there until the job was done. Combining that inspiration with our integral influences of Celtic FrostCandlemassNapalm DeathNeurosis et al made for an extremely satisfying creative process which has helped us produce the album of our lives!”

While ramping up the grind and alternative influences,We Are The Parasite, We Are The Cancer is undoubtedly an aggressive metal album, enhanced by a multi-layered concept, thematically dissecting modern society via an allegorical scripture unveiled over the heaviest music, most foul.

Of the surface and outer layer of the concept, vocalist Stephen John Tovey states:

“Conceptually,WATPWATC HAD to work on multiple planes of comprehension to fully realize this complex vision we had for acomplete album. On one hand it tells a linear story, continuing the “I/He”, “Satan/God” dynamic from the first album, but, and this was most important, this time it is wholly contemporary.

“The cosmetic arc shows “Satan” attempt to realize his intentions to utterly destroy God and claim dominion over mankind, to continue to draw power from our abuse of the sins in perpetuity, by sending down the Seven Princes of Hell to reinforce the prevalence of the Seven Deadly Sins.

As we begin to peel back the layers, he continues:

“We live in twisted times. In the modern, Western world, man has freed himself from the shackles of his own interpretation and manipulated restrictions of organised religion, and in doing so has shunned God. New Jerusalem (modern day Earth) has failed. It is not a moral, just, spiritual, liberal or fair society we inhabit as “we” have rejected religion by exercising what we think of as free will. We have replaced morality and spirituality with Capitalism Commercialism, Consumerism; the modern politics of self-interest and corruption… the Seven Sins in extremis…We have turned from a moral centre due to our own inexplicable subversions of the basic tenets of spiritual faith and replaced God with Sin.

“The album is presented as an amalgam of “story” songs (which themselves discuss this amoral, anti-spiritual situation) and Seven “Plague” songs, which each examine how lust, gluttony, wrath etc manifest in a post-truth, fake-news present day; a present day where we are faced with a divided and divisive society, led by self-interested celebrity politicians.

“We have been manipulated and are trapped by a modern existence subsuming us with vice, apathy and immorality, one we’ve been cajoled into creating since entering the post-industrial revolution age…WATPWATC is a multi-faceted, angry and frustrated take on a world where, seemingly, free will has led us to a disturbing place where it appears we have actually have no choice but to accept things spiralling further into hate…”

The band recorded once more with sonic geniusTom Donovan at Tom Donovan Studio in Rowhedge, Essex, and the album was mixed and mastered by Dan Abela. Kieran Wakeman of Divine Chaos Art has produced the visuals, including band photography, the soon-to-be-iconic album artwork and the upcoming first video, ‘GodFrost’, both of which will be revealed shortly.

Having developed a fearless and bellicose live reputation after standing toe to toe with Decapitated, Akercocke, Sylosis, Winterfylleth, Voices, Fen, Belphagor, Hour of Penance, Desecrationand others, garnering rampant plaudits from festival performances (“The underground is full of great bands, but TKIB are one of the best by far” – METAL HAMMER on TKIB at Download 2016) and in the indoor sweat-boxes the band thrive in (“The King Is Blind whip up quite the cacophony of neck-thickening grooves” KKKKK – KERRANG! on TKIB w/Akercocke, October 2016),WATPWATC sees the band release not just a statement of intent, but THE statement of UK underground metal magnificence of this decade.