Annihilator go back to the old-school at Bloodstock Festival

One band on Rob CB’s must see list for Bloodstock Open Air 2017 was thrash legends Annihilator, and (for once) he wasn’t wrong. On a Saturday jam-crammed with all things thrash, Annihilator took B.O.A. by the scruff of the neck and gave us a lesson in good old fashioned riffs!

Here’s what Team CB had to say on the day…

“How the fuck you doing Bloodstaaaahk?” rings out over the PA, in an American (ok yeah, Canadian) accent. That must be the legends that are Annihilator then. Now we’ve seen them be a little hit and miss in the past, but cometh the hour, cometh the riff and at BOA they are f’kin superb. From the first notes of ‘King Of The Kill’ the place goes just a bit mental, cue much head banging and general worship at the altar of the riff.

Acknowledging their somewhat patchy output of late, Jeff beams “We’re going back to the old-school” before blasting out a brand new track ‘Twisted Labotomy’ which certainly sounds promising, indeed. With an intro stright out of the thrash heydays, a pummeling gallop in the riffing and a good old simple shout-along chorus, we were impressed!

Check it out here (via thrashtildeathdvds on youtube):

Similarly, when Jeff asks if we want a ballad or some thrash? We know we’re getting some thrash… Annihilator seem in the mood to take things back to the beginning right now. That is sweet music to our ears!

Annihilator’s simple thrash metal approach is refreshing as the riffs cut through the BOA arena with precision and then the awesome ‘Alison Hell’ had us stretching our vocal chords and necks.

Annihilator are back with a bang it seems. We can’t wait for the new stuff now.