CB Spotlight : Calling For Eden

Band Name : Calling For Eden

Home Town : Dallas, Tx, USA

Year Formed : 2014

Current Lineup :

KC King: Guitar, Lead Vocals, Writer, Composer

Zach Braidwood: Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals, Sound Engineer, Writer

Chris “Keylee” Wojan: Drums, Backing Vocals, Writer

Cliff Hurd: Keyboards, Piano

Meredith “Chuck” Mallory: Saxaphone, Trombone, Backing Vocals, Writer

Mike “Maddog” Williams: Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Trombone, Flute, Bongos/Percussion, Backing Vocals, Manager

Chris “Ducky” Matthews: Trombone, Percussion, Backing Vocals, Tech & Internet Guru

James “Sugar Cookie” Tuttle: Harmonica

For the uninitiated, give us a Brief History of the band:

KC had always dreamed of having a big band with horns, keyboards, etc. He admired and drew inspiration from the likes of Phil Collins, Bruce Springsteen, Steve Winwood, Bruce Hornsby, Dave Matthews, and many other rock legends. So in 2013 he decided to try to put together a group and began searching through friends for potential musicians. He already had a good foundation with himself on guitar, Zach on bass, and Keylee on the drums. He knew that Maddog had played trumpet as a teen in school and Chuck had played trombone in school so he renewed their interest in playing those instruments again. Ducky also had a school background with horns so when Chuck decided he preferred the saxophone; Ducky took over on the trombone. Cliff was always around but had minimal musical background so naturally the piano was the place to start and it quickly became a good fit. No one around KC believed that this ragtag group of musical flunkies would achieve anything, but he was able to kindle the flame of music and ignite the dream in these guys. So, with some music lessons and countless hours of practice, something unique began to develop around this group of friends. As skills were honed and the music developed, this dream of musical success began to seem more realistic. As a few other potential members came and went, such as various lead guitarists and female backing vocals, we stumbled upon a blues man in the guise of a Senior Chief in the US Navy. His name is James “Sugar Cookie” Tuttle, and who needs lead guitar when you have a great harmonica player! For now that is all of us, but when the time is right we may again entertain the idea of female backing vocals.

And what’s been the highlight so far?

The biggest highlight is just getting together and jamming all the time; we just love playing music together! We just recently had our first show at Trees and it went really well. Trees is one of the top venues for local music in Dallas so making a lasting impression there was a big step in our career. Other highlights include having everyone in the club join conga lines; dancing around the entire floor at The House of Blues Dallas and at The Curtain Club. My personal favorite story was when we were playing the Dallas Stars Pregame show in Victory Plaza at the American Airlines Center. We were in the middle of playing our cover of KC and the Sunshine Band’s “Boogie Man” when suddenly something slammed into my back and I saw this big green hairy arm reach around and grab my tambourine. It was Victor E. Green, the Stars’ mascot and he proceeded to dance and play tambourine on stage with us throughout the remainder of the song!

Big plans for the future?

We are working on spreading our wings and getting more regional dates. Most of our gigs have been around the greater Dallas and Fort Worth area, but we have also gigged in Denton, Greenville, Houston, San Marcos, and Austin. We are ready to hit the road and looking forward to it. Our experience has been that great things happen at the last minute so who knows, we might suddenly be touring next month! We are working on some new recordings and plan to release them this year as soon as they are ready. Find and follow us on your favorite social media to stay up to date on what we’re doing. We also have an email list on ReverbNation , please sign up for it to stay informed by email updates. We are making contacts to get into more festivals and setting up more dates in our regional area. We’ve been doing a lot of interviews and PR work to reach new fans. That is the biggest thing for us right now, building our fan base, so please tell your friends about us!

Describe your music in 1 word:


What is the most common misconception about the band?

We always get asked if we’re a Christian band because of the “Eden” part of our name, but we are neither religious nor anti-religious, “To each their own” we say. We just hope that people of all walks of life will enjoy our music!

Tell us something interesting / amusing / stupid about the band :

Our first out of town show was in Austin back in 2015. We had just acquired an old Chevy conversion van that we dubbed “Falkor.” Falkor was comfy and big enough to carry all 8 of us so we didn’t have to take multiple vehicles; the back seat even folded out into a bed! We were well on our way to being a touring band with a decent van and a trailer full of gear. However, we were misinformed about Falkor’s ability to tow a trailer. The transmission was not strong enough to handle all of that weight, especially once we got into the hill country. About half way between Dallas and Austin, just south of Waco, the transmission overheated and blew out a seal and all of the fluid. So there we were on the side of I-35 trying to figure out what to do. Fortunately, a couple of the guy’s wives were about 30 minutes behind us. We called around and found a U-Haul box truck in the next town. So the ladies took Chuck and his credit card and went to get the U-haul truck, but it was taking awhile and we might be late. Meanwhile, Maddog remembered that he had an uncle in the area so he called him for help. His uncle was not far away with a truck that was able to carry 4 of us and the trailer to the club in Austin so we were just barely on time for load-in. We had Falkor towed back to Dallas and the rest of the band piled into the box truck and made it to the show on time. The plus side was that after the show we had our own private party in the back of a box truck on a side street next to the club!

Who would be your ideal tour-mates?

We get compared a lot to Dave Matthews Band so that would be a natural choice because we believe his fan base would also be fans of our music. A tour with DMB and Trombone Shorty would be awesome! It has been difficult for us to find another band in the Dallas area that meshes well with our sound and our fan base, but we have made friends with the guys in Jake Odin and the Marching Band. They have been the most fitting, most likely touring partner so far, so we are working with them at this time.

And what would be on the rider?

Food, lodging, and enough money to cover fuel for transportation are our primary concerns right now. Nothing too extravagant, maybe some Monster energy drinks and bottled water. Maybe one day we’ll be big enough to demand only green M&Ms but for now we’re happy just to play in front of new faces.

People say rock’n’roll is getting too safe, too tame. What’s the most “rock’n’roll excess” thing you’ve done ?

Well yeah I think the days of getting away with tearing up hotels and such extravagances are over; besides, I’d rather keep my money instead of paying repair bills. The internet has made it so that everyone knows instantly about everything. The backlash from a stupid stunt could be crippling. We do share a brutal sense of humor amongst ourselves, but find it best to keep it in private. If we were a shock-rock band we could come up with all kinds of shenanigans and exploit the whole “bad news is still good news ideology.” We believe that it is in our best interest to appeal to a wide range of people who like us just because our music is good. However, I will share one story… We played a benefit show at a friend’s bar one day. It was an early afternoon show and after we played, the owner gave us a wide open tab….big mistake! We hung out until about 10pm then he invited us over to his other bar across town. The drinks were flowing all day and night so everyone was getting pretty toasted (except me, I don’t drink and don’t mind being the designated driver). Anyway, one of our members got too drunk and ended up passing out on a couch in the bar. Yeah, shoes on and everything so it was on! Someone started in with a sharpie drawing on him and soon the whole bar shut down while everyone in the place gathered around to draw on him! It was pretty funny, especially when he had to work the next morning and looked in the mirror! He was able to scrub some of it off, but the first thing his boss said when he got to work was, “Soooo did ya fall asleep in the club last night?!”