Battalions Live at Bloodstock Festival

Just like any other day at Bloodstock Festival, Sunday morning is off to a loud and heavy start. Broken Teeth have blown away the cobwebs with a pretty intense start to proceedings. And after a burrito related very quick sprint to the toilets (don’t ask!), we find ourselves back at the New Blood Stage.

Another band that are obviously not messing about this morning are Hull’s finest sludge dealers. Battalions impressed us when we caught them supporting Conan a while back, so it’s good to see them doing well for themselves on the New Blood Stage.

The constant convoy of new bands to enjoy fresh from Metal To The Masses can be a bit overwhelming at times as you add up all the bands you’ve got to delve into when you get home. So, it’s good to see a band that you’ve already tipped up there and slaying the place.

Battalions have a venomous blast of a sound which Phil’s scouring vocals only go to make more vicious. There’s not much plod to these sludge mongers as they rip through a raucous set. A bit of groovy angry sludge always gets a thumbs up from Team CB!