In Pictures : Gravil Live at Bloodstock Festival

One name that leaps out at us on the Sophie Stage line-up, is the mighty Gravil.

Their latest outing ‘No More Forgiveness’ has been a favourite on the various CB stereos lately. We may not have actually found the time to review it (real life gets in the way sometimes..) but it’s definitely up there in our top albums of 2017 so far. It’s well worth wrapping your ears around that one!

Anyway, in the live arena, Gravil are just as devastating. Grant’s vocals are scorching and he commands attention up there at the front but the soundtrack is just as brutal. Jagged riffs and chopping rhythms interspersed with the odd flourish of melody; all reminds us a bit of Mendeed. Gravil are very much their own machine however and they sound like a bloody steam train up there on the big stage.

The live show is a little more stripped back than on record, which all adds to that extra punch these guys have. They seem to go down well anyway. The tent is packed out, the band are whipping up a tornado of noise and we think these guys should go far…