CB Spotlight : Amycanbe

The latest band under the CB Spotlight Amycanbe from Italy. Answers by Guitarist Mattia.
Band Name :  Amycanbe
Home Town :  Ravenna (Italy)
Year Formed :   2005
Current Lineup :   

Francesca Amati: Voice, Keys, Drums
Mattia Dallara:  Keys, Bass, Synths, Samples
Mattia Mercuriali: Guitar, Bass
Marco Trinchillo: Drums, Keys, Samples
For the uninitiated, give us a Brief History of the band:
Me and Marco started playing together as I was looking for bandmates ..so he was playing in a Hard-Core-Nu-metal with a classmate of mine..and this guy had the brilliant idea to introduce us…
After some months of line-up changing..especially spent on finding a singer..Marco met Francesca during a in-house concert a sort of Photography Exibition or something… we felt immediately in love with her voice and the magic happened.. she said immediately yes and we started making concerts as soon as Paolo  joined.. slowly…
For several years we played in 4… then we added a second guitar (to better reproduce arrangements from the second album and on…), 2 years ago 2 bandmates quit and they were both replaced by our historical producer.. Matta.
We exist from 2006…quite a lot, it feels ages!….we released 5 records: 3 albums + 2 eps and we are vey proud of what we did…looking back I am surprised how we developed and changed from record to record…yes, I think we made some good music!

 And what’s been the highlight so far ?:

As I often say…the best album we made is the next we will record… 

Just like the highlights are still to come… at least I hope so.

Big plans for the future ? :

We are writing new material and widening our music collaborations, planning summer shows.. …we are going to be very busy this summer, especially July it will be full of gigs….check our Facebook page for updates.

A cool thing is ..some months ago we started collaborating with a young great Italian fashion brand called Ottod’Ame and also making soundtrack for TV series and independent Films…we really like to differentiate the way our music is “used”.

Another thing is the goal to play more and more live, not only in Italy…we’ll see!!

Describe your music in 1 word :


What is the most common misconception about the band?

Someone is still believing we are making a living by singing songs… I really wish they were right… ahahah!

Tell us something interesting / amusing / stupid about the band :

Some years ago I sold (stupid me!!) a vintage Italian synth we used live in our very first concerts.. they guy who bought it asked very insistently to sign it… but since I am a fetishist.. and I didn’t feel worthy of this.. I signed a postcard from Cervia..(the beautiful town where I came from) … he never answered me so far… maybe it was not what he expected…!

Who would be your ideal tour-mates ?:

Flying high: Massive Attack

And what would be on the rider ?:

If Massive Attack with us on stage…I guess the list would be quite long! 🙂 Last time I saw them they were so big with two drumkits…

…that it is not our case…on stage Amycanbe are generally more minimal…well we are a bit complicated, because we use to share our instruments (our Hall Engineer hates us I think!), but we always try to reduce when possible, and so we are forced  to rearrange the songs the best we can..sometimes we change them completely to make them work…as we did for White Slide (a song for Wolf) for example,…it is also a very creative thing that we like a lot.

Now Francesca is at the mike and sometimes help on keys or drums, I am on Gtr/bass, Matta on keys/bass, Marco un drums/pads -that’s it

People say rock’n’roll is getting too safe, too tame. What’s the most “rock’n’roll excess” thing you’ve done ?

mm…. Mixing beer with soda..?  after all… as someone said “sometimes, suds & soda mix ok with beer”…
We are not a macho band..as Francesca tries to tame our animal instincts… (while she drinks dozens of Whiskeys of course…) but I remember Marco got very drunk  some years ago while touring South of Italy… after the show we were going to bed…it was very late and he just kept saying “please stop the van RIGHT HERE…I will pay a room in the first hotel…”  a marvellous idea if we hadn’t been in the middle of nowhere….  making the story short, this is how “I pay” was born.