Release details for the new The King Is Blind album

With anticipation mounting for the second The King Is Blind album, ‘We Are The Parasite, We Are The Cancer’, the band have confirmed the full details with regards to the release, which will happen on Friday 13th October via the bands own Calva Records.

In addition to unveiling the striking artwork (attached), once again created by the talented Kieran Wakeman of Divine Chaos Art, the full details of the band’s sophomore outing, including confirmation of a face-smashing guest vocal appearance from a British HEAVY music legend Karl Willetts of Memoriam (ex of Bolt Thrower), are below:


  1. Patriarch
  2. Embers From A Dying Son (Plague: Gula)
  3. Like Gods Departed (Plague: Acedia)
  4. Mantra XIII (Plague: Avaritia) [feat. Karl Willetts]
  5. The Sky Is A Mirror (Plague: Luxuria)
  6. Idolatry Of Self (Plague: Superbia)
  7. As Vermin Swarm (Plague: Ira)
  8. GodFrost (Plague: Invidia)
  9. The Burden Of Their Scars

A layered concept album, a more indepth review of which will be forthcoming closer to the album’s release, ‘We Are The Parasite, We Are The Cancer’ will be released digitally via Calva Records on Friday 13th October. In addition, there will be a limited edition run of 150 handnumbered 100% recycled eco-friendly four panel digipack CD’s available via Bandcamp.

All pre-orders made via Bandcamp include instant downloads of both ‘GodFrost (Plague: Invidia)’ and ‘Mantra XIII (Plague: Avaritia)’ [feat. Karl Willetts]

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The band have also made available an Official Audio track of ‘Mantra XIII (Plague: Avaritia)’ via YouTube (see above) in addition to the previously released official video for GodFrost.