Amon Amarth victorious in the Battle of Bloodstock

It’s been a while since we saw Amon Amarth conquer Bloodstock 2017. They have a habit of being one of the bands of the weekend at whatever festival you go to, but especially at Bloodstock.

Their elevation to headliner status this year won’t have surprised many people, but how did they do at it?

Well, being put up against Ghost and Megadeth wasn’t the easiest of competitions but they fared pretty well. To say the least…

Indeed, Ghost were spectacular on the Saturday night. Megadeth reeled out the hits on the Sunday and it’s hard to argue they put on one hell of a show. But, having let the whole experience sink in over the last few weeks. We think Amon Amarth won the battle of the (headliner) bands.

We’ve seen Bloodstock introduce new bands to headline their festival over the years. Trivium, Machine Head, Down amongst others have all been stuck at the top of the BOA poster in recent years for their UK headline debuts. None have quite hit the ground running like Amon Amarth did though.

From the very first bars of ‘Pursuit of Vikings’, the band looked to be brimming with confidence and totally at home at the top of the shop. Johan brimmed with the biggest of smiles throughout whilst the crowd raised their horns, beers and plastic swords aloft in celebration.

A spectacular set, gleaming lights and a longboat full of serious tunes. It all came together quite nicely didn’t it? Not to mention seeing most of Bloodstock sat on the floor rowing along with some glorious heavy metal.

How can we top that next year?

*cough* Sabaton… šŸ˜‰