Witch Tripper Live at HRH Doom Vs Stoner II

Witch Tipper have to be one of the busiest bands on the circuit at the moment. When they post their gigs for the month, it’s a longer list than most bands manage in a year. It’s good to catch up with them again… You can usually find these three road beasts in one of two places. They’ll either be laying waste to a stage somewhere around the Midlands (and beyond), or, they’ll be in McDonalds.

This afternoon they are on stage and it’s a pretty big one. Well, actually it’s Doom Vs Stoner’s smaller stage, but it’s rammed with well oiled punters. There are quite a few more people here than last time we saw them at the Sheffield O2 and these three bare-chested riff-mongers have turned the second stage into a sweatbox in no time at all.

As Richie points out, Witch Tripper “aren’t really doom or stoner, so god knows how we got here… it’s probably just on the strength of how much weed we smoke”.

They may not strictly fit the bill, but who does? We‘d say they were ‘bluesy-rock’n’roll- stoners’.

Or something like that.

Anyway, Witch Tripper clatter along at a much faster rate than most of the bands on the bill this weekend and just as Sunday was starting to become a little bit predictable and we were starting to flag a bit; Witch Tripper kick us up the arse with a barrage of noise. The funky stomp of ‘Chills to the Bone’ is especially one to get the room moving in joyous harmony and we can feel our hangovers finally starting to make way to new drunkeness! Again…

Witch Tripper are certainly a well oiled and tight machine these days. Both men up front look confident in their stage presence and in their songs and Jimmy, as usual, is not one to sit quietly behind the drums. All this hard work on the road has certainly paid off as Witch Tripper put in one of the finest shifts of the weekend. It looks as though Chris’s bass strap is a bit road weary though as he struggles to keep hold of his guitar at times!

They get the best part of an hour to hit us with their stuff, which means they throw in a few new songs here and there. ‘White Lines’ sounds like a typical driving Witch Tripper monster and a couple of the others sound promising too. We await this new album, impatiently…

‘Attitude Adjustment’ gets everyone going towards the end as they reel out one of their finest numbers for us, but just about everything – new and old – hits the spot this afternoon and the band has a constant sea of headbangers in attendance.

By the end of the set, the band and fans alike are drenched in sweat but everyone has a permanent smile on their face. That was crackin’!

We all wipe away the sweat and go for a well earned cool (and expensive) beer. And after that, it’ll no doubt be a McDonalds…