The Bad Flowers Live at Satan’s Hollow

Arriving in Satan’s Hollow after hotfooting it from work we found the Bad Flowers playing to the bar staff and a handful of punters, which is a shame but the price you pay in venues like this where there’s an early curfew so people have to stop listening to live music and the “club night” crowd come in to listen to a bloke playing recorded music instead.

As we arrived The Bad Flower were about half way through their set, and our first impressions were definitely favourable. There’s a pile of hot UK “classic rock” bands around at the moment and The Bad Flowers definitely fit into that category. They have a refreshing spark and energy on stage, and if this is what they put into a performance to a few folk, we can’t wait to see them rocking out to a bigger crowd, the attention would be well deserved.

Memorable highlights from the set included now which frontman Tom was almost definitely called Can You Feel It.

Yep, Definitely called can you feel it.

The crowd expanded as the set drew on, although we missed out on their Sabbath cover. “We played a Black Sabbath song in Birmingham, didn’t go well”. I wonder what they did to it !! Instead we were treated to some obscure song about a Voodoo Child, which they nailed.

Early start meant an early finish, and as they needed to get the headliners on at 8 we only had time for one last song, or maybe not but they played their big single City Lights which is no doubt familiar to listeners of Classic Rock radio.

The Bad Flowers… make a note of that name as I suspect you’ll be hearing a lot more from this lot.