Windhand Live in Leeds

It’s about time we got ourselves back to Leeds Brudenell Socail Club. We’ve not been up to Leeds since that balmy night at Monster Magnet earlier in the year and now we’re here again to see something cut from very similar cloth.

Windhand have been wowing us on record for years now but we’ve never managed to catch them live until tonight. So we’re looking forward to this one!

In the main/normal Brudenell room, The Melvins are awaiting a sold out crowd so we are a little concerned that maybe EVERYONE  is going to see The Melvins and maybe Windhand and Satan’s Satyr’s will be overlooked.

No such worries as Satan’s Satyrs fire up the night however in front of a healthy, if not rammed out, social room.

Oh yes, it’s our first time in the new room and it’s pretty big and swanky. It’s got a bar that sells Brooklyn Beers too. Doom and beer, let’s go!

Satan’s Satyrs are a suitably fuzzy warm up for tonights main event and we haven’t seen these guys in yonks either. They look like they’ve stepped right out of the seventies with their bell bottom jeans and funnily enough they sound like it too. Classic sounding stoner fuzz is what these guys operate with and it sounds good to us. We’ve not kept up to date with Satan’s Satyrs of late, which is something tonight gives us a little kick up the back side about. We do recognise ‘Show Me Your Skull’ from a few years back, but it all washes down nicely.

They treat us to a brand new song which sounds pretty much as you would expect from these guys and all in all they were a great addition to the bill and a timely reminder to us of how good they are!

Right, off out to get a breath of fresh air while we wait for Windhand. Or maybe not… the local youths and youthesses have decided to open fire on the beer garden with all sorts of artillery (fireworks) from the park over the road. We’ll save the third degree burns for the kebab after the gig, thanks.

Back inside to admire the new venue then.

Windhand enter the stage with a typically understated arrival (If they jumped up and down waving and screaming “Hi we’re Windhand from Richmond, Virginia” we’d have been shocked) and with a couple of nods to each other they unleash the doom. Lot’s of hair over the face, dimly (L.E.D.) lit and suitably loud doom today. We can feel the noise in the photos before we’ve even downloaded them. Alas, doom gigs aren’t your best bet for getting the best live shots. We know that well. But we keep trying…

Our photo’s are not really important though. The quality of the performance is, and quite frankly we get lost in the swirling doom and space rock that washes over the room. On record Windhand have a earthy atmosphere to their music but in the live arena tonight there’s a real spacey vibe to them too. Reverb bounces around the room and the minimal lighting allows you to get lost in your own little world while Windhand go about their business.

Chat is minimal from the band; Dorthia says “Hi” a few songs in, but that’s about it. Windhand let the music do most of the talking; and that is fine by those in attendance tonight. The like of ‘Amaranthe’ and ‘Cassock’ are well engrained in our minds but take on a whole new life up there on stage.

So, our first experience of the Windhand live show is a mighty success. The whole set swooshes past in a flash and before we know it, the band are waving goodbye as we head of out into the warzone outside in serch of that kebab.