Annihilator : For The Demented

We’ve been waiting for this one ever since we witnessed that great Annihilator performance at Bloodstock Festival earlier this summer.

Jeff and co. seemed intent on playing the old-school thrash numbers on the day and then when they introduced their new song ‘Twisted Lobotomy’ it became clear that Annihilator were embracing their classic thrash roots. All fine by us! Team CB has a real soft spot for Annihilator, but it has to be said… their studio output has been a bit dicey of late.

‘For The Demented’ puts a stop to anything resembling “dicey” and goes for a straight forward thrash outburst. Jeff is at his snarling best throughout and his partner in crime in the writing department, Rich Hinks, seems to have rekindled a classic thrash fire in the Annihilator ranks. Like, ‘Alice in Hell’ style thrash. Hoorah!

The aforementioned ‘Twisted Lobotomy’ kicks off the album and reeks of 1989. With a vintage intro, speedy riffage and a good old squealing guitar solo; it’s all there. If this track doesn’t ignite your interest in Annihilator again, then you are well beyond saving. We however instantly threw on the battle jacket and started spraying Stella Artois all over the room. Oh yes, Annihilator are back. ‘One To Kill’ doesn’t let up with a monster clash of mangled guitars and a freight train of a riff.

‘To Be Demented’ slips into more recent era style Annihilator. A little more restrained and a little too bouncy for us. ‘Pieces of You’ is an essential Jeff Waters ballad track; they always make the heavy ones heavier and are a staple of any decent Annihilator album. And heavier stuff is on the way…

Carrying on the demented theme ‘Phantom Asylum’ rollicks into action and gets the second half of the album going with a bang. Once ‘Altering The Altar’ revs into action too, we’re well and truly sold on this one.

‘For The Demented’ resurrects the Annihilator classic era like it never went away. Critics with an axe to grind may point out that this is a throwback album, but if a band ever needed to go back to their roots, it’s Annihilator.

Mesmerising stuff!

Well, we’ve already said it, Annihilator are back. After years in no man’s land in the album market; ‘For The Demented’ seemingly comes out of nowhere and gives us precisely what we (and we imagine every other Annihilator fan) wanted from the band:

A truly great old-school thrash album.