The Darkness : Pinewood Smile

The Darkness are masters of the live show and purveyors of mighty fine songs. They are a ray of sunshine in our otherwise morbid and sludge-ridden lives.

With the exception of the game-changer that was ‘Permission To Land’, The Darkness usually fall short of hitting the bullseye with the whole album. You can always select between three and six songs from an LP that you like/soon to love; but since that glorious debut they’ve never quite pulled out classic album number two…

‘Pinewood Smile’ does nothing to change that trend. Sorry.

But, once again there is enough in here to tick and drag into your party starting air-guitar playlist.

N.B. We as Team CB do not condone listening to playlists; you should definitely listen to the whole album whether you like it all or not.

Let’s face it, The Darkness are never going to stop shitting out solid gold. Everything is here for the seasoned ‘Darkness fan. AC/DC meets Thin Lizzy riffs courtesy of Dan and some Freddie resurrecting whaling from Justin. ‘Solid Gold’ looks certain to enter the live set, with it’s catchy chorus and gritty riffage. ‘Southern Trains’ is a spiralling foot-to-the-floor number with just a hint of a commuter’s moan in there.

None of Team CB live south of the Watford Gap, but we get it… you don’t like the trains down there very much. You tell us every morning on Twitter, don’t you. And now you have your own anthem to express your disdain. Sing away.

Anyway, those songs for the playlist that you shouldn’t make:
– All The Pretty Girls
– Buccaneers of Hispaniola
– Solid Gold
– Japanese Prisoner Of Love
– Happiness
– Get Your Hands Off My Woman (Mother Fucker)

Yes, well spotted Einstein…

If you need another song for your Seagull inspired playlist to compliment Oaf’s ‘Fuck Off Seagull’ then you better go buy the Deluxe Edition of ‘Pinewood Smile’ because it has ‘Seagulls (Losing My Virginity)’ on it. It’s pretty poor though.

The Darkness have an extensive UK tour coming up soon (and we’d love to be there if we haven’t offended you too much) and there’s plenty of new stuff that will sit comfortably in the live show on “Pinewood Smile’. We’ll be mighty pissed if they don’t play ‘Black Shuck’ though…