Damnation Festival Preview : CB’s TOP PICKS from the Line-up

It’s finally Damnation week and we’re looking forward to the weekend like never before. Well, since this time last year…

Damnation Festival brings together your mostly untypical heavy metal festival names. Not all the usual overused bands, but a few classics mixed in to compliment the bags of fresh and super-heavy talent.

Let’s reel off a few names: Pallbearer, Wren, Big Business, Nordic Giants, Vallenfyre…. Yep, COLOSSALL and unique.

Plus, it’s only one day of mayhem so we have a slight chance of appearing human on Monday morning when we get into work! Maybe…

Now, one of the best bits of Damnation Festival is the merch room. We’re hoping to get hold of some stuff you would usually have to pay mega $$ for on mail order. And if Pallbearer don’t bring those legendary patches with them, we’ll be super pissed!

Anyway this isn’t just a shopping trip, the clashfinder is filled out and this is our most anticipated list for 2017:

We’ve been praying to see Ginger Wildhearts’s Mutation live for quite some time. They’ve been touring the country this week and as a grand finale, they’ll be hitting Damnation Festival this Saturday.

Purveyors of lot’s of brutal noise; Mutation will fit in snugly alongside the likes of Nails and Sodom. When we spoke to Ginger in the run-up to the festival he said “I’m sure we’re going to be channeling Motorhead throughout our live set, but that’s mainly because the classic power trio, for me anyway, is Motorhead.”

If that’s not loud, we don’t know what is…

Paradise Lost need no introduction to anyone. The best of British, dealers of doom. The local boys have just delivered their heaviest album in quite a while (ever?) and are no doubt going to bring their tinnitus infusion to Leeds for us all to hear.

Rob CB was very taken with ‘Medusa’ by the sounds of it:

“‘Medusa’ is a mini departure from what Paradise Lost have been doing over the past few years. It still sounds like the authentic Paradise Lost we know and love, but the atmosphere of this album is deliberately more bleak and purposely more heavy. It keeps the Paradise Lost catalogue fresh just like they have always strived to do with experimental sounds and directions. And, while this is never likely to be the go-to Paradise Lost album for most; it is a splendid hulk of bludgeoning doom with some cracking additions to the live show.

Can we have ‘No Passage For The Dead’ at Damnation please?”

Tried and tested, but still as vital as ever. Paradise Lost are worthy headliners of Damnation Festival.

Already mentioned above, but Nails is a band we’ve also been waiting to see for a long time. It nearly happened last year, but then it didn’t… and now it is! Hopefully.

Nails are just about the most brutal thing ever captured on a CD and we’re reliably informed that they deliver pretty much the same deal on stage. We can’t bloody wait to find out.

Festivals need thrash, and Sodom bring the thrash. Teutonic thrash no less. The least travelled (of late) of the Teutonic three, Sodom do things more brutal and more aggressive than their colleagues across the German Thrash sector.

And that is why they are rather well suited to Damnation Festival!

See you down the front \m/


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