Wednesday 13 Live at the Garage, Glasgow

It doesn’t seem like that long since the prince of B-Movie horror metal last graced these shores, but there’s never too much of a good thing so what better master of ceremonies for a drunken halloween party than Wednesday 13.

We arrived in the bustling heart of Glasgow to find that the gig had been moved from the Garage to the more intimate settings of G2, which meant it was going to get hot and sweaty.. very hot and sweaty.

It’s amazing that Wednesday 13’s stage gang managed to fit all the lights, backdrops and banners onto the stage and still leave enough space for the band to do their thing. As the set-up went on, the atmosphere in the building started to ramp up, with the DJ helping things along with a cracking array of tunes to get everyone in the mood.

Wednesday’s ghoulish bandmates arrive on stage and all seasonal hell breaks loose. Glasgow has clearly come to party and that’s before the great man himself even arrives and jumps onto his podium, front and centre to begin the evening’s mass. The cinematic intro tape runs and we’re off kicking and screaming into Wednesday’s freak show. What The Night Brings and Scream Baby Scream are delivered without pausing for breath and devoured by a crowd is in a suitably boisterous mood, with the circle pit action starting early, and (mostly) not letting up all night.

It’s not all about the front man though, oh no. Wednesday 13 (the band) is more than the man, with Roman Surman in particular demanding attention with his theatrical expressions only outdone by his awesome six-string gymnastics.

There is a costume change between almost every song, but we especially liked Wednesday’s laser gunsight sweeping the crowd during Rambo and the demonic silver mask later on looked pretty damn cool too. Although in the crowd we were having a great time, we did feel sorry for CB’s new girl Ya down in the photo pit. Lots of smoke, lots of red and lots of green light made photography interesting.

Alas, apparently you’re not allowed to enjoy yourself too much at a rock’n’roll show any more. Not quite sure what happened but there was one of ‘those’ moments when security waded in and two fans in Wednesday 13 shirts were hauled out the crowd for, well, who knows.

This was one of those memorable gigs that just never lets up as the hour and a bit flies by. The Ghost Of Vincent Price getting a good old weegie sing-along that Hail Ming kept going.

Call us biased, but you can’t beat a Scottish crowd for a drunken sing-along.

Towards the end of the main set things did take on a more “grown up” feel, with Condolences standing out as a truly great rock song. The band leave the stage but, of course, encores are demanded with the traditional north of the border chant of Here we, here we, here we fucking go.

The band rip back onto stage, with Wednesday back in his iconic military hat, for Prey For Me before things draw toward their end with Zombie “Thank you for coming out tonight. My name is Wednesday 13 and I walk with the zombies.”

Now we must admit that the post-condolences grown up turn the evening took did, well, we did wonder if maybe the band had outgrown their best known rabble rouser. Thankfully the answer to that question is no, the umbrella is still there, looking a bit less home made these days. We’re happy to report that yes, Wednesday 13 loves to say “Fuck” as much as he ever did .

All too soon, time was up “It’s the last one Glasgow. Make it fucking count”. Oh well Wednesday, if you insist. We want Bad Things to happen to you as much as you wish them on us.

Christ this was a bloody good gig, a fitting horror punk party for the Halloween faithful.