Cradle Of Filth / Savage Messiah Live at The Garage, Glasgow

For once TeamCB battled through the predictable Glasgow city centre chaos to make sure we were at the Garage in good time. Now we’ve got a habit of cutting it a bit fine to catch support bands, but on this occasion we were taking no chances. If I’m honest we were looking forward to catching Savage Messiah as much as we were Danni and the gang, and as we squeezed into the venue it was clear the Glasgow crowd were of the same mind.

Now when you look to the future of the UK metal scene, there are. few bands who really stand out and for us Savage Messiah are the pick of the bunch. David Silver is a proper old fashioned front man, you know the sort, genuinely engaging, a nice bloke quite apart from all that musical talent stuff.

It’s been a while since we caught Savage Messiah live, but judging by the new album Hands Of Fate they’re ready to step things up a level. We’ve been spinning that one all the way to the top of our year end lists, and to see the place bouncing along to Wing And A Prayer restored our faith in humanity, metal and head banging.

Savage Messiah were supposed to be the support band, but no one seem to have told them as they got the place bouncing before meeting and greeting their new found fans with much selling, and signing, of merch. Must have been the offer of a hug and a kiss to anyone who bought the album that swung it.

Right, onto the main event.

The place was still buzzing from Savage Messiah’s set as the headliners array of paraphenalia was brought out to dress the Garage’s stage. We’d already had our Glasgow Halloween party the week before when Wednesday 13 came to town, but the place certainly looked more “all hallow eve” than “all saints day” when the band arrived on stage. We particularly liked Danni’s H.R. Geiger-esque mic stand, well until it kept getting in the way of the photos.

The band arrive on stage one by one (milking the reaction, surely not) and then Mr. D. Filth Esq. struts onto the stage like he owns the place.

And for the next hour and a half, he bloody well does.

The first half of the show kicks off with Ave Satani which gets the crowd frankly baying, Cradle Of Filth aren’t so much a band as a cult these days, and although they have well and truly crossed the line into self indulgent ridiculousness there’s no denying that they’re something else live. Hell metal is supposed to be over the top and we’re still not sure exactly how seriously the black clad demons on stage take it.

The set is split into two halves, with the first being a bit of a lost burnerBeneath The Howling Stars sees young Mr. Filth in fine farm, alternating demonic growls with that distinctive warmly thing he does as the band proceed to melt faces. One of the ‘new’ highlight for us is definitely You Will Know The Lion By His Claw, which does beg the question why wouldn’t you know it by it’s mane, I mean tigers have similar claws.

But we digress. It was dead good.
Part two kicks up a gear with The Promise Of Fever and, another brilliant newie, Achingly Beautiful. That was followed by none other than the son of God, Jesus Christ Almighty, crowd surfing during Nymphetamine. Just shows that our lord and saviour has forgiven Danni for what he said about him on that t-shirt. You know the one, the one the cool kids hide at the back of their drawers and only wear to the gigs.

Ahh, what a night it had been already, but for us it was only going to get better. Now ask anyone their favourite song by a band and there’ll always be a hesitation, a moment’s thought but not here. Ask us our favourite Cradle Of Filth song and the answer will be “Her Ghost In The Fog”, it’s a Black Metal classic, it’s brilliant and it’s guaranteed to blow the roof off any venue as soon as THOSE piano chords ring out.

Now we’ve seen Cradle Of Filth a few times over the years, but to be honest we weren’t quite prepared for this. Up close and personal in a smallish venue they’re, quite simply, brilliant