Igorrr Live at Audio, Glasgow.

We’d been looking forward to a repeat encounter with French extreme metal weirdos Igorrr since we first encountered them at Hellfest in the summer. Now back then we didn’t know what to expect but we did pop in f0r a nosey when we saw the size of the crowd that had gathered to catch the local heroes.

If nothing else it would add one to the list of French bands we knew, so that’ll be two then. (not quite true, but Gojira do seem to have the “big overseas” market sewn up).

Well, fair to say we were impressed, and scared, and a little bit me bused by what we saw in the Clisson sunshine, but we were certainly up for more and when the UK dates were announced the diaries were cleared so we could go back for more of Igorrr’s delights in the sweaty confines of Glasgow’s Audio.

The support bands were, well, a mixed bunch going from the really quite good to the really not that good at all. Now even as Igorrr’s stage time approached the place wasn’t rammed, pretty busy yeah but not packed. You could still make it to the bar. This situation suddenly changed as the crew got the stage ready for the headliners. We’re not sure where everyone had been but the place went from busy-isa to absolutely rammed in the space of about 10 minutes. We weren’t sure how many punters an obscure French metal band would draw in on a dreich Scottish evening, but the good people of Glasgow (and beyond) clearly knew that this was going to be good.

The set kicked off with the imaginatively titled “Spaghetti Forever” from the new album Savage Sinusoid and, well, the place erupted. It wasn’t just standing room only, there were people hanging from the stacks to get a view of the on stage spectacle. It starts off with the demure looking Laure Le Prunenec coning on stage and doing her operatic, theatrical thing before they let Laurent Lunoir out of his cage and unleash him on the (probably not that) unsuspecting crowd. Beauty and the Beast gone wild, this is a show the likes of which Audio has probably never seen.

Tonight was a masterclass in brutality tempered with some deft, complicated bits and pieces that mean you never quite know what is coming next. The tempo never really lets up, with Laurent’s stage presence meaning you do sometimes wonder where the line between the performance and the musician is drawn, does he keep butterflies and drink herbal tea? We doubt it.

Although Igorrr have grown from a one man project, it doesn’t feel like musical polymath Gautier Serre and some hired hands, it feels like an actual band and on stage they have a breathtaking presence as they mix roars with “proper” vocals, metal with electronica and very quickly reduce the place to a sweaty, pulsating primal mess.

Things reach their climax with Tout Petit Moineau, which properly shakes the foundations. Down the front it got a bit, erm, heated but even from. our more sensible location further back it was impossible to ignore the sheer energy emanating from the stage. Laure’s gyrating and dancing providing the perfect theatrical counter balance to the snarling, growling Laurent.

We’ve had some bloody good nights in Audio, but it’s hard to remember anything quite like this. Igorrr may never be everyone’s cup of tea but if you like your metal clever and progressive, and don’t mind everything including the kitchen sink being thrown at you, then PLEASE.. go check them out.