Dying Fetus Live at Damnation Festival 2017

We weren’t expecting to be raving about Dying Fetus today but it doesn’t take us too long down in the pit for us to realise that we should have been. Of all the big names at the top of the poster, Dying Fetus was probably the one we were least excited about.

Cometh the day however and they are actually blowing our tits off. The sound in the Terrorizer stage is often all over the place. The layout makes it an acoustic nightmare but at the same time that chaotic nature suits the type of bands you find lurking in here during Damnation.

You can feel the kick drums pounding your chest down in the pit and some of the guitar solos sound a bit washed out under the immense rhythm section. The all important bowel-shaking riffs are all present and correct however, and it’s these along with some scouring dual vocals that really impress us.

The crowd surfers keep on coming over the barrier as the Showsec staff put in a heroic shift. Somehow the smallest four security guards in the building ended up at the most brutal stage. But, they played a blinder catching several half naked sweaty blokes as they flew over towards the front.

Dying Fetus absolutely smash it and we skip off to buy one of their t-shirts before they bugger off home. Maybe there was something in the old #whynotDyingFetus debate after all!