Five Finger Death Punch : A Decade of Destruction

It’s hard to believe that 5FDP have been going for a decade. Their UK debut at Download Festival only seems a matter of months ago in our beer-addled brains. It was 2009 though… Not quite a decade since we caught our first 5FDP show, but near enough.

They’ve been at the frontlines of mainstream heavy music ever since, with gold and platinum records all over the shop and a few dramas thrown in for good measure. Nobody can deny that the band have made a mighty impact on our beloved heavy metal scene.  As the band embark on their current European tour, they are releasing their ‘Greatest Hits’. Plus a couple of new ones thrown in too.

We know what we’re getting with 5FDP and we always have done. The chest thumping, sour faced roars from Ivan are some of the most recognisable pipes this side of the millennium. From smashing aggression to melodic metal anthems; Ivan has a versatile enough range to tackle the shit-kickers and the ballads with faultless momentum.

We do like it when he shouts “Right” a lot too!

Zoltan’s Scandinavian-tinged guitar tones and the band’s thumping riffs and rhythms are just as important cogs in the 5FDP machine however. Crunching groove in tracks such as ‘Under and Over It’ coupled with Ivan’s relentless bile in the classic ‘The Bleeding’ make for meaty tracks. Big brash WWE style bangers is what 5FDP deliver by the bucket load.

For every explosive pit-starter, there are just as many melodic numbers. 5FDP are not afraid of a ballad or two. ‘Wrong Side of Heaven’ shows the brooding side of the band with some towering tidalwave scale riffs along with Ivan’s sensitive side and some delicate little guitar flourishes.

And as if we were working towards something here, the two new tracks consist of a heavy number and a ballad…

‘Trouble’ is a typical upbeat riff monster complete with some jaunty guitar soloing while a cover of The Offspring’s ‘Gone Away’ hits us with some piano intro and the softest of lead vocals.

Never afraid to throw a cover or two into the mix, they even make the ‘Greatest Hits’ package too. ‘Bad Company’ is one of their finest covers to date and is rightly slotted into the running order.

5FDP are entering a new decade and a new contract. This is a timely reminder of what they’ve done up to now and if you’ve not been paying close attention; you might be a little shocked at the amount of smashers at their disposal. The new tracks on here point towards much more of the same coming our way from 5FDP on the next album and we’re down with that!