The Atomic Bitchwax : Force Field

Underrated, overlooked and probably suffering from the inevitable impact of sharing members with another band over the years (Monster Magnet). How The Atomic Bitchwax have remained on the outskirts and relative fringes of the stoner/space rock scene for so long is quite unbelievable.

Do we like back-to-back squealing riffs delivered with relentless enthusiasm? Do we like the dirty rocking garage vibe that oozes from the very pores of this bands output? Do we like music that makes us feel like we’re at the greatest party in the world when we’re actually sat in our kitchen sipping on a warm Heineken?

YES! We bloody do…

The Atomic Bitchwax should be up there with the likes of Monster Magnet, Nebula and even Kyuss in our humble little opinion. They are that good folks!

‘Force Field’ continues on the same cosmic plain as ‘Bitchwax classics such as ’T.A.B. III’ and the uncompromising whirlwind of riffs that is ‘The Local Fuzz’. You have to hold on tight with a ‘Bitchwax album; once the ride starts there’s no getting off. No ballads to skip, no filler to leave out of the playlist and they are not the sort of band you cut off half way through an LP. You just pull on your headphones, close your eyes and get sucked right into the sea of frantic guitars.

This collection of a dozen new tracks are all cut to a stealthy two or three minutes which all adds to the blur of the trip around the grooves of ‘Force Field’. It all sounds so effortless too; the quick-fire riffs, spiralling guitar solos and jams just follow on from each other like a crazy overblown compilation. This is not a highlights package album however… this is just your typical ‘Bitchwax album.

Truly awesome stuff that has just arrived in time to mess up our top albums list!