In Pics : Blackfoot Gypsies Live in Nottingham

A new addition to bands that we like a lot… here’s what Rob thought of Blackfoot Gypsies in Nottingham:

Opening up tonight we have Blackfoot Gypsies. You never really know what you are going to get with The Darkness in terms of opening bands. Casting the mind back we’ve had anything from Ginger Wildheart to 3 Inches of Blood. These guys look typically out there and something equally as fresh…

Feathers in their hats, a full-time harmonica player and a bass player who looks like he might be Noel Fielding’s twin brother; these guys are eye-catching under the warm glow of Rock City’s lights. Just looking at the Nashville crew before us, we can see that these guys are going to come with a large serving of vintage.

No surprises when they kick into a bluesy southern jam of a set then! They have foot-stomping twang by the boatload and although we are here for a night of slightly cheesy pop-cock-rock, Blackfoot Gypsies get us warmed up and ready for action with ease.