Stone Sour Live at the SSE Hydro, Glasgow

It’s not so common these days to only have one support band on somewhere like the SSE Hydro, but that’s the situation when Stone Sour rolled into town. As they had only brought The Pretty Reckless along the openers played an generous 1 hour slot which gave them ample opportunity to showcase their wares. A good support band sets the scene and The Pretty Reckless didn’t disappoint. We’re big fans of Taylor Momsen here at CB, her voice is so haunting and magical and she has an impressive stage presence which she gets to show off as they had the chance to play songs spanning their career although judging from the polite, rather than ecstatic, response it was clear most people were eager for the main event.

The crowd has definitely warmed up and everyone is well up for Stone Sour to tear the place apart. Well amongst everyone, looks like some people has already been overdoing things a touch and as I approach the photo pit there was a dude been carried away by the security guards. Envy your excitement dude, but mate you are gonna miss one hell of a gig. As we enter the photo pit we’ve been given advance warnings about copious amounts of Pyro we can expect, and of course the massive confetti cannon.

Not gonna lie, that talk of pyro scared me a little as I like my eyebrows where they are, but also go even more excited to see what the band going to bring .

The set opened with Taipei Person/Allah Tea from their latest album Hydrograd with the pyro living up to my expectations / fears as it erupted all around the stage. It’s my first time shooting a gig with quite this much flame and I was quite worried about barbecuing my camera. Then there was Cory Taylor in “big kid” mode with his massive , erm, cannon shouting confetti into the crowd.

Now thats how you start a gig !

The whole crowd was certainly ready to party on, and it was a special occasion.

After the opener the crowd grabbed the chance and sang happy birthday to the birthday boy Corey who seemed genuinely honoured and moved by the gesture. This is not the first time Corey has spent his birthday in Glasgow so he must like the place. After the crowd had done their bit, the band went on a meander through their impressive back catalogue, something old, something new. I think the Glasgow audience really appreciated that since there were long time fans along with more recent converts to the Stone Sour cause.

Wonder if the new guitar was a birthday present.. from someone with a sense of humour? It’s a bit pink. Apparently it’s called Queen and “It’s the best guitar I have ever played on this planet. Everybody say I love you queen” before using the guitar on Hesitate, one for the ladies. The crowd really loved that, and everybody was singing along and dancing away,  an emotional moment is quite quite rare at a heavy metal gig .

The pace picked up again when they went on to play some of the faster tracker from their new album Hydrograd where Corey joked we should rename the SSE Hydro to the SSE Hydrograd. So many times Corey would say how much he loves to play Glasgow and he talked about at the start of the band’s career when they played at the Barrowlands. Specifically what he remembers is the whole place was shaking and thinking thinking “are we all gonna die?”

When the band rip into Get Inside and Cold Reader from their debut album Corey asks the crowed to jump “as you would at download 2018”! Clue to next summer’s plans then?

Towards the end of the set suddenly there was this announcement from their PA saying its Corey’s birthday and a cake was brought on to the stage. Of course that got a chant going, because we like a good chant. Not sure I’ve ever heard thousands of people chanting “We want cake!! We want cake!!” before Corey launches some into the crowd.

For the British dates, the band even throw in a cover of Sabbath’s Children Of The Grave which the crowd really loved, but I mean, who would not?

For the encore they played Absolute Zero and Gone Sovereign while some weird looking waving inflatable tube man appeared on stage before the gig ended on, appropriately, Fabulous.

A good night indeed, some might say Fabulous. It’s a shame that dude from the start missed it.