End of Year Lists : Rob’s Top 10 Albums of 2017

Here we go then. What tickled Rob CB’s fancy over 2017? The usual barrage of thrash and doom we expect…

  1. Municipal Waste : Slime and Punishment

A real return to form from these guys…

“We’re sucker for thrash here at CB, but Municipal Waste deal in more than just thrash, they do it all with added fun and a refreshing brain-dead attitude. A Municipal Waste LP or show is about forgetting your problems and having a party in the moshpit (or a dance around your living room). There’s plenty to get you dancing here…”

  1. Paradise Lost : Medusa

A heavier and more doomy Paradise Lost reared it’s head this year, and I like it!

“‘Medusa’ is a mini departure from what Paradise Lost have been doing over the past few years. It still sounds like the authentic Paradise Lost we know and love, but the atmosphere of this album is deliberately more bleak and purposely more heavy. It keeps the Paradise Lost catalogue fresh just like they have always strived to do with experimental sounds and directions. And, while this is never likely to be the go-to Paradise Lost album for most; it is a splendid hulk of bludgeoning doom with some cracking additions to the live show.”

  1. The King Is Blind : We Are The Parasite

Love this band, man…

“The band have expanded their palette slightly for WARPWATC whilst maintaining their ultra-heavy searing delivery. The band have not lost any of their intensity from their debut but little flourishes and soundbytes here and there make for a more layered experience. The Ghost(ish) monotone chanting in ‘Like Gods Departed’ along with the Paradise Lost style guitar flourishes cannot lighten the load of a monstrous track. The aforementioned thrashy sections only add to an enormously heavy experience.

In short, this album is outstanding and once again confirms the enormous importance of The King Is Blind as a force in our extreme metal scene.”

  1. Decapitated : Anticult

A bit of a controversial one this. I’ve seen lots of people saying that they can’t included this one on their end of year lists. That’s up to them, it doesn’t stop this album being one of the best of the year.

  1. Electric Wizard : Wizard Bloody Wizard

There’s been loads of moaning about this on the internet. What’s new…

It isn’t in the same vein as ‘Come My Fanatics’ or ‘Dopethrone’, but the vintage classic rock vibe works for an Electric Wizard of 2018. Really well, actually…

  1. Wednesday 13 : Condolences

“All in all, Wednesday 13 has taken his shock-rock/B-movie heritage and mixed it with a more slick big heavy metal style. For the first time in yonks, he’s making music videos to support his album and this weekend he’ll be bringing a big production show to Download Festival. Armed with a rich back catalogue and these fresh tracks, there’s one thing for sure… we won’t be watching Biffy-fucking-Clyro this Saturday night.”

  1. Mage : Green

“‘Green’ is just about everything a Mage fan could want and expect from the band. A corking mix of doom and stoner rock with plenty of twists and turns to keep you hooked to the end. It’s certainly going down a storm here at CackBlabbath. “

  1. Alunah : Solennial

“‘Solennial’ is the sound of a very confident band who are more than comfortable in their craft. It’s the sound of a band who don’t appear to be shackled down; they’ve just gone out and written an album that sounds like a completely natural progression for them and ‘Solennial’ is already cemented as one of our favourite albums of the year. A stunning piece of work from a very classy band indeed!”

  1. The Atomic Bitchwax : Force Field

This little tinker just slipped in the back door to make my list. Love this band!

“This collection of a dozen new tracks are all cut to a stealthy two or three minutes which all adds to the blur of the trip around the grooves of ‘Force Field’. It all sounds so effortless too; the quick-fire riffs, spiralling guitar solos and jams just follow on from each other like a crazy overblown compilation. This is not a highlights package album however… this is just your typical ‘Bitchwax album.”

  1. Trivium : The Sin and The Sentence

It seems that Trivium have weathered the storm of being bigged up by fans and media alike only to be dropped the day after. Several albums later and they’ve delivered something truly great with ‘The Sin and The Sentence’

“In the past Trivium have released ‘The Thrashy Album’ and ‘The Clean Singing Album’ or ‘The Super Heavy Album’. With ‘The Sin and the Sentence’ Trivium have decided to mix it all up. They’ve combined all the things we love about ‘Ascendency’, ‘Showgun’ et al. and moulded it into one awesome release.”