Asking Alexandria Live in Glasgow

It’s been a while since we’ve caught up with North Yorkshire boys Asking Alexandria, so it’s great to see them back playing a proper tour. With the recent return of Danny there was certainly anticipation and excitement filled in the room for sure, for many of us AA with Danny is the proper AA. As a band their lineup has changed a fair bit since they formed more than a decade ago but with the original singer’s return this tour certainly feeling a bit more special.

Let’s not discuss why he left the band 2 years ago and all the dramas that ensued. That’s a different topic for a different time .

As the ambient music stopped playing over the PA and the security guy signalled that it was time to enter the photo pit the anticipation got to my fellow tog Hannah who was so excited she actually punched my arm, I’ll let her off (for now ) since I know how happy she was.

The band opened their set with one of their newies Into The Fire which got things underway with a bang, and got the place singing along with the huge chorus. There was no respite either, kicking straight into Killing You and To The Stage,  some of what I consider the masterpieces from their extensive back catalogue. As you’d expect the reception was off the scale, and to be able to watch them playing them up close was rather special.

Despite of what water may be under the bridge from the past all the members seems to click on stage for a really well oiled and polished performance. On top of that it’s clear that they have spent some dosh on the stage production too with a big monitor that formed the backdrop playing adding some visuals and an extremely well designed light show, to be honest i felt rather spoiled by how good the lighting was although the massive illuminating monitor at the back did created its own set of challenges I have never faced before, always learning ah?

About half way through their set the band decided to slow things down with some acoustic numbers which was a real suprise with Danny and guitarist Ben Bruce sitting at the edge of the stage performing Someone Somewhere and Vultures. This little interlude was really beautifully done smoothly changing the rocking atmosphere in the venue into a phone/lighter in the air moment which was actually rather moving certainly made the night even more special.

Some people might argue that the band has gone soft recently but really songs like Alone In A Room and The Final Episode (Let’s Change The Channel) would prove them wrong, especially when performed them with this sort of live energy.

Asking Alexandria are well and truly back with Danny. It seems like all the bridges we thought were burnt have been mended and the band is just simply better than ever. It’s exciting to think what is next for AA, but whatever it is rom what we see tonight its certainly going to be bigger and better.