Obituary Live in Nottingham

We’re hitting up Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms for an evening of old-school death metal, as Obituary’s tour rolls into town. It’s the sort of night that brings out all sorts of folk from their little bolt holes. There are a few crusty old leathers that don’t see the light of day very often out tonight and we’re all ready to bask in the glory of 30 years of the finest death metal ever.

The main support role tonight is straight from California. Exmortus are certainly new to our ears, but they instantly have us sucked in. Technical, thrashy and blindingly fast paced; these guys have us raging along with songs we’ve never heard like they are our old favourites.

The band convert more than a few people to their cause tonight, including us, but most of us are only here for one reason…

As the lights dim and the smoke machine bellows out some pure gloom across the stage, we brace ourselves for some neck-wrecking heavy metal. The familiar thump of ‘Redneck Stomp’ gets things started before John joins the rest of the band onstage to rip straight into ‘Sentence Day’. It’s not often that you welcome new material from a band that had their heyday back in the 1990’s; but Obituary’s latest self-titled LP is up there with their best.

We still want to hear some classic stuff though!

Of course, there was never any fear of missing out in the classic department with ‘Find The Arise’ hitting the spot nicely.

It seems a bit of a stereotypical thing to say, but all you can do is stand there, soak up the razor sharp riffs and bang your head like your life depends on it. There are a few young ‘uns down the front getting the pit going but most in attendance are happy to stand and appreciate the majesty of Obituary. And it certainly is majestic.

The charge is pretty relentless, the odd atmospheric intro such as the stormy ‘Reign in Blood(ish)’ piece from ‘Cause of Death’ breaks things up, but Obituary save their fast-paced and hard-hitting material for the road. The momentum is only broken for a quick re-tune here and there, but the band are generally slick and don’t waste any time in their hour-plus set.

Less chat more riffs, apart from the odd “Wooo” from Trevor over at stage right.

A brief encore break is rudely broken by the churning ‘Turned to Stone’ while a victorious end to a bludgeoning set can only be crowned by the genre-defining blast of ‘Slowly We Rot’.