Skindred Live at Hammerfest X

So Hammerfest has made it to double figures, a Big 10th Birthday Party is well underway but not complete until we’ve seen Skindred. We’ve seen this band play some legendary sets at Hammerfest in the past, so it seems very fitting that they should be headlining tonight. And we’re sure that tonight will be just as legendary.

Flying the Union Jack, Benji gets the crowd pumped as soon as he strides upon his podium and he’s the usual charismatic frontman that we have come to love. A true master of ceremonies and a fantastic flag bearer for the funnest of bands.

We thought some people may have bailed early with the threat of snow looming over the weekend; looking around the room tonight there isn’t a lot of space spare if they have. Not only packed, but the place is bouncing.

Benji takes time to point out that this year’s festival has been headlined by two black fellas. It hadn’t really occurred to us, but that’s’ pretty cool innit? No complaints from the Hammerfest lot, we’re all lapping it up as one big HRH family.

There ain’t no party like a Skindred party!