Satyricon Live at the Classic Grand, Glasgow

The other night TeamCB headed into deepest, darkest Glasgow for an evening in the company of Norwegian black metal stalwarts Satyricon. Our fourth Nordic band of the month, one of us must have a thing for the vikings!! . Despite the poor weather there was plenty of fans queuing outside the venue and after the usual stressful “your name isn’t on the list” experience we eventually got in to find the place was packing up rather quickly with dedicated fans holding onto the barriers to secure the best spot.

The evening was kicked off with Greek thrash metal band Suicidal Angels. Now they’re a new name on us but a Greek friend had high hopes for their countrymen and we must say he was right, they were a bit bloody good. They hit the ground running and played through the whole set at 100mph. You can pick up influences from the likes of Testament and Slayer here and there. We throughly enjoyed their set and clearly so did the audiences in the Classic Grand and by the end of their set the place had got a bit sweaty.

Fantastic live band, they did a great job get people warmed up and if they are touring in UK again we would highly recommend to get hold of a ticket they are the real deal and totally worth seeing.

Lights off, smoke on,  that iconic mic stand taking over the stage, yep, it’s  Satyricon time! From the earlier energetic bright trash metal mood now we are going on a dark spooky black metal ride and we are very very excited. It’s been a decade since these Norwegian giants played in Scotland and the anticipation in the room was on the edge of bursting. Satyr sweeps onto the stage and the band kick off the set with Midnight Serpent from their new album Deep Calleth Upon Deep. Satyricon’s power lies within their slow groovy yet heavy riffs and the result is something so special that the only way to appreciate it is to bang your head and salute to these genius musicians. The stage was mostly lit by red strobes with the smoke machines working overtime to enhance the ethereal atmosphere…

As a photographer though it wasn’t ideal, to say the least. My lens was crying but the awesome music made up for it )

Like A Crow On A Tombstone gets the audience loudly chanting along, definitely one of our favourite songs. Tonight the band played through their newest album Deep Calleth Upon Deep which was very well received. As a band Satyricon have constantly evolved their style but they’re always instantly recognisable, and we love it.

Along with new songs they played songs from across their extensive back catalogue, as far back as Mother North from their 1996 album Nemesis Divina, it was a emotional roller coaster alright. Of course there are songs you just HAVE to hear, and Diabolical was greeted with another wave of loud chanting, to enjoy Satyricon’s music in full you really have to dive into their moody riffs and their poetic lyrics to appreciate the experience as a whole . After 13 beautifully picked songs lights dimmed and the band left the stage which gave people a bit time to digest what we’d seen and breathe.

Followed by lots of chanting and foot stumping.

Satyricon returned to the stage with a 3 track encore the pick of which was definitely Fuel For The Hatred from there 2002 album Volcano. If my facts are right this album won the Norwegian Grammy for Best Metal album and this song is an absolute killer so to finally hear it played live that was a bit special! The night ended with the ever so strong/popular K.I.N.G and a promise they wont wait for anther 10 years to come back .