Myles Kennedy Live in Glasgow

A night with the promise of new songs from Myles’s new album and acoustic renditions of songs across his career?, Hell yeah, just take my money already!!!
Myles Kennedy is a man of many parts. You may know him from Alter Bridge, you might know him as Slash’s conspirator, hell you may even know him from The Mayfield four if you are old enough. No matter where you know him from one thing we can all agree on is that this guy has such a distinctive voice and a masterful ability to turn any song into his own. Luckily for us tonight we get to see a whole different side of this talented musician as he performs songs from his new album Year Of The Tiger as well as acoustic renditions of songs spanning his career that you would never be able to hear anywhere else.
A great night is certainly guaranteed.

The gig was set at local venue the Garage, a perfect intimate venue for an acoustic gig. The stage was set up was minimal, a stool, a little table with bottles of water on it and a music stand and thats it. The rest of the stage will be filled with the immense talent that myles will provide and laughter too so it turned out (more about that later on)

The night started with Devil On The Wall from his new album Year Of The Tiger which perfectly set the tone of the night stripped back yet powerful before jumping into Standing In The Sun, a song of a completely different style where normally we’d have loads of electric guitar from Slash. Tonight Myles made it work and with just one acoustic guitar he managed to give the song another life that we did not even know existed. A very strong start that set the bar really high for the rest of the evening.

A big cheer went up for the intro to Tomorrow Comes, one of Alter Bridge’s songs which triggered a massive sing along but then there was a total curve ball from Mr Kennedy, and something a bit special as he went all the way back to his old band the Mayfield Four for Eden a song we never thought we would hear live and a definite “wow” moment. Another highlight for me would have to be Starlight which has always had a special place in my heart, he wrote this song with Slash back in 2009 when the whole Slash And The Conspirators gang started, its just such a beautiful song.

We really love how the setlist was crafted, with some old favourites in between the new material which gave the night a great smooth flow. Myles natural charisma shone through too, making the evening even more intimate and entertaining. Before a beautiful cover of Robert Johnson’s Traveling Riverside Blues he told us this story about a bad haircut when he was in the high school marching band, which was inevitably followed by the crowd chatting “cut your fucking hair”. Want to know why? its on Youtube and its really funny!!

By the second half of the night we saw the resonator guitar came out to play and a lot of slide guitar action made us wonder “Are we at a blues gigs now?”. We especially loved the new song Blind Faith which started off as a pure slice of southern American style. This song, about the death of his father just one example of how personal the new album is. As an aside the name of the album represents 1974 which in the Chinese zodiac was the Year Of The Tiger, and thats when he lost his father.

The title track from Year Of The Tiger heralded the end of the night but in Glasgow we would never let anyone off that easily, loud chatting brought our Myles back with Love Can Only Heal before finally ending the night on a high note with Addicted To Pain .

Myles’s solo project has been pushed back for so long with his busy schedule with Alter bridge and Slash we are so happy it has finally arrived and after seeing it live we can say it was definitely worth the wait.