Witch Tripper : I, Of the Storm

Mansfield’s finest stoner rock’n’rolling machine is back with album number two. ‘I, Of the Storm’ sees Witch Tripper concreting their sound with yet more anthems bursting with scorching riffs and dirty rhythms.

We first fell for Witch Tripper back at Bloodstock 2016 where they opened up the New Blood Stage one bleary-eyed morning. Since then we’ve caught the band off various junctions of the M1 around the East Midlands as the lads have been on pretty much a constant touring cycle since then.

Witch Tripper’s debut album was jammed full of our live favourites. You can’t argue with ‘Attitude Adjustment’ ‘Chills to the Bone’ and ‘Meat off the Bone’ for a load of hellraising beer soaked cuts. As an album it didn’t quite capture the grit and sweat of the Witch Tripper live show, however. It sounded a bit too clean and friendly in places.

With ‘I, Of the Storm’ that all important dirt under the fingernails is reproduced on record and we see the band growing into their true identity, rather splendidly.

‘White Lines’ has been knocking around in the live set for a while now. It’s great for the highways authority to have their own rock anthem and this song is an almighty intro to the album. Richie’s forceful vocals immediately sound stronger and more confident on this outing and his gravelly 40 Marlboro-a-day pipes only add to the smokey atmosphere of the record.

The album is once again packed full of rollicking riff monsters, but there is more in the way of variation than we saw on the self-titled album. ‘Poonstar’ starts off with an big epic Slash-style intro but quickly descends into dirty little groove. A bass heavy beat turns the typical Witch Tripper gallop into a groovier stroll.

‘Roll The Dice’ slows things down further but there’s always tracks like the steam train that is ‘Hell Bound’ or ‘State of Mind’ just around the corner.

There is no filler on here and every track flows with the feeling of the record. Richie takes centre stage for plenty of guitar solos throughout the album, and the rhythm boys clatter along with some real clout. The band sound to be bursting with confidence at the moment and know exactly what they are good at on ‘I, Of the Storm’ and deliver it in bucket loads. The band has an infectious groove that is irrestistable to our ears.

If there is a harder working good time rock’n’roll band out there on the circuit then we’d love to meet them. And as much as we like seeing the band pack out The Sitwell Tavern, we would love to see them back at Bloodstock soon!

They certainly have the ammunition for it with this new album.


I, of the Storm is out today. The album release show is tomorrow (14th Apr) at The Old Salutation, Nottingham.